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RED's GTA-Inspired road safety graphic

LELEPHONE BEFORE YOU HIt GHE RORD RED DRIVING SCHOOL in 2013.. wwww. Z00 Br Be awaRe! Is the average number of road accident fatalities in the UK each year зее That's about 8 fatalities a day! of fatalities are Males account for nearly two 27% aged between 16-25 thirds of all road accidents in the 16 to 25 age bracket. Be ReaustIc 30% of young drivers think that they are more careful than experienced drivers, and therefore better at it. 30% of young drivers think that new drivers are unlikely to fall victim to bad habits. Adverse driving conditions Sharp Bends Attitude of the driver Excessive CAR CRASHES INVOLVING YOUNG DRIVERS Aregenerally theesalt af one of the above speed Increased risk by carrying passengers DRIVING AT NIGHT You are 17 times more likely to be involved in a road accident between the hours of 2am and 5am BELG UP! 5 000 0 Since the seatbelt law was introduced into the UK in 1983, over 50,000 lives are thought to have been saved. However, youngsters continue to put themselves at risk. According to research conducted with young drivers in the US, the higher the number of passengers, the less likely it is that seatbelts are being worn. Stay safe out there! ||||||||||||| |||| | ||| GURN On THE GECH 65% MPH TIME 65% of young drivers are interested in reducing their premiums using 'black box' technology. Also known as telematics, these revolutionary devices take data snapshots of your time behind the wheel, meaning that your future quotes are calculated according to your driving skills, rather than the gender category you happen to fall into. £1,200 £1,429 Vs. The average premium cost for young female drivers The average premium cost for young male drivers [email protected] Confidence is a wonderful thing, but overconfidence can get you in trouble, as our infographic clearly shows. Learning to drive with RED, we'll help you to build confidence without carelessness, and you'll see that safety on the roads is what we're all about. RED learners can get great deals on their insurance products, see the website for more details. You'll find us at - get road REDdy today. RED DRIVINGSCHOOL Sources: / 2012 + 2013 RED Driving School Survey / Department for Transport data 2005-2011 / Association of British Insurers, Improving the Safety of Young Drivers, October 2011 / of-the- european-gender-ruling-197032861.html 1983 PRESENT DAY

RED's GTA-Inspired road safety graphic

shared by AdamSpawtonRice on Sep 24
Inspired by the GTA style, this graphic aims to target younger drivers (who may be glued to their screens right now, playing the game), interested in the release of the new GTA game.


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