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The Real Cost of Motoring

Brought to you by car hire insurancçs Com The Real Cost of Motoring 1983 2013 TALE OF THE TAPE 1.6 VW GOLF A tim Kong. Mr T pitied us as the compact disc was introduced and The Bill began its 23 year run on TV. Meanwhile, the brand new one pound coin sat snugly in bleached Levis all over the country as The Return of the Jedi hit cinema screens the world over. of mullets, shell suits and Donkey Cost when New Extreme short-back-and-sides, 'vintage' clothing and Call of Duty pervade the country. Manchester United fans Ferguson's decision to step down as manager whilst people discuss the one pence coin's future. Black Sabbath releases their first album in 35 years and The Rolling Stones make a powerhouse performance at Glastonbury. Mr T might still pity us. £6,974 £18,425 Bhp 0-62 MPG CO2/Km 54 103 mourn Sir Alex 16.8 sec 10.7 sec 42 mpg 74 mpg 177g/km 845kg 3,820mm 1,610mm 1,410mm Weight Length Width Height 99g/km 1354 kg 4,255mm 1,791mm 1,453mm 8018 Milk: Average Household Income: Price of car compared to average household income: In 1983 you would have been able to buy 61 pints of milk for the price of a 601 tank of fuel - enough milk to fill your average under counter swing bin. In 2013 you would be able to get a significantly larger amount of milk at 104 pints - the amount of calcium in this would weigh the same as 15 CDs! In 1983 you had to save 68.65% of your household income in order to afford a Volkswagen Golf - that's 26.82% of the average house price for that period. Comparatively, a Volkswagen Golf costs only 57.30% of the average household income and eats into just 7.49% of the UK's average house price. 1983 2013 Bread: 68.65% If it was possible to sell your Golf in 1983 for the exact price it cost (with no depreciation) you'd be able to use the money to buy 15,922 loaves of bread. Unfortunately, if you were to try this today you would only be able to get 14,542 Íoaves - that's 4847.3 club sandwiches! Overall, there is a -8% difference (largely due to inflation) which means that, relative to bread, the Golf has become less expensive. 57.30% What does a litre of fuel cost now, if the 1983 price was pegged to RP: Inflation Adjusted 103.43p 140.00p Actual 1883 37.30p 2013 140.00p Fuel has gone up by 35% more than the RPI since 1983 Gold: 5,862 If you were lucky enough to own exactly 18.17 ounces of gold in 1983, you could have exchanged them for a brand today's market, you'd need to be 2.14 times luckier by owning 20.31 ounces of gold to be able to make the same trade. Price of a litre of diesel: The price of a litre of diesel in 1983 was just 37.30p which, when adjusted in accordance with the RPI, is about 103.43p in today's money - just 35% less than today's average price of 140.00p. new Volkswagen Golf. In Miles traveled per ton of Carbon emitted: 83 Volkswagen's 2013 model can travel 2351 more miles than its 1983 predecessor before a ton of carbon is emitted, which is a 69% increase in efficiency. miles Chancellor of the Exchequer: The Chancellor of the Exchequer is the government's chief financial minister and as such is responsible for raising reyenue through taxation or borrowing and for controlling public spending. £15.15 £8.60 He has overall responsibility for the work of the Treasury.' Modern model is 43% cheaper to fuel, even accounting for fuel price inflation. Nigel Lawson 11 June 1983 - 26 October 1989 George Osbourne 12 May 2010 - present 3,511 miles

The Real Cost of Motoring

shared by Chappell on Jul 13
This infographic aims to allow readers to alter their perspective somewhat of the perceived price of fuel by comparing historic and inflation adjusted commodity prices over a thirty year period.


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