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Quick Facts about Personalised Number Plates

Quick Facts about A PRIVATE GB Number Plates PEOPLE OF THE UK ARE CRAZY ABOUT PERSONALISED NUMBER PLATES. They are prepared to spend hundreds of pounds to have their own alphanumeric combination. Why are people are so interested in private number plates? Vehicle number plates are: An innovative way A good investment opportunity An excellent way to customise Unique gifts to promote a company or brand your vehicle Buying Personalised Number Plates You can buy new un-issued registration numbers that are held by the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency (DVLA) or pre-owned registrations. If you are looking for something exclusive, it is best tocontact a specialist like Plates4Less. SHI2LEY Selling private registration numbers With a private dealer, selling a registration number could not be easier. Once you have chosen your price, the dealer will help you to find a buyer. Transferring a registration number Once you have found a suitable personalized number plate, secure it so that you won't miss out. Even if you are not ready to use it, dealers will often assist you in retaining your registration on a certificate until want to transfer it. Some Interesting facts about number plates I/ is believed to be the first registration "A1' number issued in Britain. Though this is debated, it is certainly the first to cause a stir. Earl Russell queued all night outside the London County Council Office in order to successfully secure the prestigious plate for his vehi├žle! "A 7" is the most prestigious registration number. It was released by London County Council Office and is currently owned by HRH Queen Elizabeth II. This private plate is owned by the well- known magician, Paul Daniels. MAG IC BOX IIIG BOX IIIG This personalised registration adorns the car of boxing sensation, Amir Khan. This registration number was sold in 1993 and its sale marked the beginning of an explosion in the market for personalised number KINGS plates. Business man, Afzal Khan bought the registration 'F1' for just under half a million pounds! It is the most expensive registration number in Britain. FI Are you looking for your own exclusive personalised registration mark? PLATES 4 LESS Tel: 01792 477316

Quick Facts about Personalised Number Plates

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There is craziness among the UK population to possess personalised number plates and they are ready to spend millions of pounds for that. They are interested as the personalised registration numbers g...




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