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The Psychology of Driving

The Psychology of Driving quicksure What influences our behaviour on the road? Our Personalities TYPE A ΤΥΡΕ Β ΤΥΡE C Logical, analytic rule- followers, who need to be sure of the why's and These individuals tend These are the people who don't sweat the small stuff. They are as chilled as frozen cucumbers. to be very competitive, aggressive and self- critical. They are easily wound up and tend the how's before However, they can suffer from lack of attention making a move. to over-react. to detail. Our Parents The average parent spends 10-50 hours per week chauffeuring their children to school and hobbies. TAX-I! During this time, driving habits of parents influence the type of drivers their children will become. 66% 80% 60% of teens of respondents of youths say that their parents reported that their in the survey considered influence their father was more likely their parents as better driving habits. to influence their speed drivers when their partner was not in the car Our Gender The driving test pass rate difference between men and women hasn't changed much in 20 years PASS RATES UK PASS RATES IRELAND 2001 2001 48.4% 48.4% 40% 40% 2012 2012 50.8% 50.8% 44.3% 44.3% In a study on driving behaviour 64% ANXIOUS women are found to be more anxious Irish women are more likely to pass their men were found theory test than Irish men, with 63.74% RECKLESS to be more reckless of females passing in 2012, and 58.09% in their driving style for males. Our Age 17 year olds can The lowest usually pay on average premiums 150% MORE are usually paid than 65 years olds. by the 65+ group 187%% of 18-24 year olds described themselves as above average drivers. However, according to statistics, 18-24 year olds are responsible for 83% of accidents that happen on Irish roads. quicksure

The Psychology of Driving

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There are many stereotypes on the road. The laid-back Sunday drivers, the reckless ambler-gamblers, the tailgaters and the racers. But how and where do we pick up our habits? Well, Quick-Sure Insuranc...




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