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Protecting Your Trailer

Protecting your Trailer NUera trailerparts Keep Trailer Tires Properly Inflated and Inspect Them for Wear or Other Possible Damage Deflated tires can reduce traction, making turning and stopping difficult and dangerous Deflated tires can make your trailer unstable Be wary of over-inflating your tires, too; this can lead to tread damage, rubber erosion or rupturing Replace all tires at once if possible; it's best to keep all tires as equal as possible, especially when it comes to wear Be wary of whether you need to change the PSI of your tires because you are carrying a heavy load When storing the trailer, cover the tires with tarps to prevent sun damage, such as drying and cracking. Keep Your Undercarriage in Good Shape Worn trailer springs can cause structural damage to the trailer, damage your load and also make driving difficult Check to make sure axles are straight and haven't been bent after a trip on pot hole-filled or rough roads; this is a major problem during the winter and early spring before roads are patched up Make sure wheel bearings aren't loose and are in good condition; failure to do so may compromise your control over the trailer More Moving Parts Check trailer lights regularly to make sure everything is operating correctly, to prevent avoidable accidents Use dielectric waterproof grease around your trailer's lights and other electronics where moisture could possibly seep in; this grease doesn't conduct electricity and will keep moisture out of important places Trailers have more moving parts than cars; all of them need to be greased regularly Regularly grease steering components, brakes and clutch linkages; use a grease cartridge pressure gun and, if you're unfamiliar with it, have a professional show you how Stop Rust Early - Wash Smartly If you find rust, sand it away immediately with sandpaper or steel wool, then paint it with rust-proof paint and wax it to prevent corrosion Don't use a power washer on your trailer; it will damage the finish and potentially the trailer body Use warm water with soap to wash your trailer After washing, spray the trailer down with a garden hose to remove any residue before drying and waxing

Protecting Your Trailer

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Make sure you are taking the proper care of your trailer to ensure it lasts. Here are some tips for trailer maintenance.


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