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Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

PLANES, How to Get Your Stuff Across America TRAINS, & AUTOMOBILES About one in six Americans moves each year. The stress of adapting to such a major transition can be overwhelming. New acquaintances must be made, new routes found, and new roots put down. Besides the inevitable burden of stress, the moving process also carries an astronomical price tag. Here, we take a look at the cost of moving and find the cheapest option for your next big move. Approximately 37 MILLION of those move 12% out of state and haul an average of Americans move 7,400 pounds of their stuff at least 1,225 miles. every year. Why Are Americans Moving? 10%... 44% moved for other reasons. want new or better housing. 16% *. 30% relocated for family reasons, such as a change in marital status or to tend to a family member. accepted a new job offer. 70% According to the American Moving & Storage Association Trade Group (AMSA): Relocaters are responsible for about 70 percent of the moving and storage industry's annual take of about An average family shells out about $4,300 to relocate. $16.5 billion. The Possibilities Are Endless Evaluating your own resources is key. Choosing the right option for your move depends on how much stuff you have, how far you have to travel, how many able bodies are willing to help, and your budget. TRUCK IT SHIP IT Haut It Yoursef WE SHIP YOUR STUFF! Regardless of destination, one-third of Americans choose to rent a truck to move their belongings. Countless nationwide rental companies provide a truck you can pick up at point A and drop off at point B after your move is complete. For this choice you should know how to pack, load, and drive extremely well, as only you will be responsible for transporting your stuff. This option removes the biggest hassle of having to drive the moving vehicle yourself. You can fill a storage unit with your goods and have a semi haul it across the country for you. Keep in mind a bin will be parked outside of your home until a forklift loads it on a truck, which means you need curbside access in your old and new location. Otherwise you risk disgruntled neighbors and city fees. and AMSA calculated a Chicago-to-Dallas rental truck trip, loaded with 10,000 pounds of your For the same 10,000-pound move from Chicago to Dallas, COST COST and AMSA calculated a large bin would cost possessions, would cost about $2,207-not taking fuel or packing materials into account. about $4,203. BUY IT Having someone else do all the work is the most expensive option, but also the easiest. Do your research carefully and choose a reputable company. The cost of movers has a tendency to increase unexpectedly, when many folks don't realize their initial quote didn't contain service fees or account for supplies and packaging. THE EXPENSIVE GÜYS MOVING Co. The Chicago-to-Dallas transport of 10,000 pounds with the help of movers would run about $6,500. COST Freedom From Possessions Moving can also be a fresh start. Instead of the hassle of schlepping all your stuff across the country, it may be easier to invest in new things once you're at the new location. But for those sentimental items and necessities you still have cheap options. SEND IT DRIVE IT AMTRAK Sometimes doing things the old-fashioned way may be the best option. This means simply packing your life into boxes, which you are doing already, and letting your stuff take the scenic route. As long as you can get to the train station on time, this might be the cheapest way to ship your items. The average American will move about 11 times in their lifetime, so consider just stuffing your car with your most treasured items and leaving the bulk behind. This option allows you to both save a bundle on shipping and take the scenic route yourself. Sending your things via Amtrak Express costs about $0.70 per pound for the first 100 pounds, then $0.50 or so for a maximum of 500 pounds per trip. According to the fuel calculator, a joy ride in your 2008 COST Chevy Suburban would cost $287, but the same distance in the eco-friendly 2007 Toyota Prius would only COST cost $53 in gas. SOURCES: CENSUS.GOV | FUELCOSTCALCULATOR.AAA.COM | MAINSTREET.COM | AMSAORG|AMTRAK.COM VISIBLE

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

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About one in six Americans moves each year. The stress of adapting to such a major transition can be overwhelming. New acquaintances must be made, new routes found, and new roots put down. Besides the...


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