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People and Their Cars

PEOPLE and their CARS Owning a vehicle is usually one of the biggest investments an adult can make. Naturally, we're bound to get attached to our vehicles! But are you as attached as the rest? Take a look and see where you fall. LOVING YOUR CAR? 4 out of 10 Americans say their car has a unique personality INLOVE MORE THAN S00 PEOPLE ARE ROMANTICALLY IN LOVE WITH THEIR CARS Many Americans even consider it a member of the family TIME OF ALL THAT TIME DRIVING, YOU'LL SPEND: On average, you'll spend about 600 hours 6 months You'll also spend a significant amount of time pumping gas - on 38 hours a year This equates to roughly 5 years (or 7%) of your entire life To break that down further for you, that's about 18 2 hours a week stuck in traffic waiting at stop lights (6% of your total time driving) average, about 4 hours per year in your car per year AVERAGE CAR-RELATED PRICES: MONEY NEW USED 2$ New car: $30,748 Used car: $15,617 Yearly parking: $1300 $30 $1560 $818 In total, Americans spent $164 billion on car parts and service in 2009 – 14.5% of their total spending Gas per week: $30 Per year: $1560 Extra gas every year due to traffic $818 DISTANCE WHICH IS APPROXIMATELY THE DISTANCE,TO The average American driver drives 33.3 miles a day x32 798008 That's about 798,000 miles in a lifetime Drive to the moon 3 times Drive around the world 32 times NAMING YOUR CAR 32% Females 88% 36% 27% 17% 55% 16% Males Nearly 25 % 31% use the Women are more 88% of women Car owners There are twice car's color and 18-34 are most Likely to name their as many "female" cars on the road of Americans have view their cars as Likely to name their cars cars than men female (compared to 55% of men) named their cars appearance as inspiration as "male" THE MOST POPULAR CAR NAMES ARE MALE FEMALE Daniel Betty Tom Jessica 01 Jack Pippa WANT SOMETHING TO DO IN YOUR CAR? PUT MAKEUP ON GET ENGAGED! SING HAVE A BABY DRIVE WITH BOTH FEET Break Accelerate 10% of people 27% of women do this everyday 90% of people 4% of women 20% of people made this commitment sing in their car have given birth in use both feet to drive in a car their car SOURCES Opony Pony Parts

People and Their Cars

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Weird and interesting facts and stats about people and their cars.


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