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O' GREEN WORLD VANCOUVER PORTLAND BOGOTA CURITIBA COPENHAGEN NEW DELHI BEIJING the world of sustainable transportation With the ever increasing rise of carbon emissions and its environmental impăct, sustainable transportation is now, more than ever, a relevant issue. This infographic looks at some of the world's larger cities that have been successful in developing multi-modal transportation systems that include walking, cycling, public transit and personal vehicles. VANCQUVER Vancouver, or Raincouver as it is known by its residents, is one of the world's most livable and sustainable cities. The City's active Greenist City 2020 initiative addresses ecological challenges & seeks to place Vancouver as the greenest city in the world by the year 2020. CURRENT MODAL SPLIT TRANSPORTATION 2040 PLAN GREENIST CITY 2020 Oprivate vehicle cycling walkingtransit PROPO SED GOALS FOR MODAL SPLIT FOR 2020 INITIATIVES & ACTION PLANS 10% 1 2% 10% 4% $3 million approved for 3 Transportation Corridor Projects for improved cycling & walking networks 50% 58% PROPOSED GOALS FOR MODAL SPLIT FOR 2040 25% Bike share program to be launched in 2014 20% 33% $2.8 billion for a new light rail line PUBLIC TRANSIT 40% Reduction in average distance driven by residents PUBLIC TRANSIT IN VANCO UVER INCLUDES 20% 37 routes 10 YEAR BIKE PLAN Vancouver proper bus INITIATIVES & ACTION PLANS } 13 гoutes Vancouver electric bus 300 proper } Km of new bike infrastructure Bike parking installations sea bus I route } light rail 3 lines commuter rail line Separated bike lanes PORTLAND Portland, the City of Roses has long been heralded as a model sustainable city with its widely used mass transit system and bike network coupled with a general culture that appreciates and encourages sustainability. CURRENT MODAL SPLIT PORTLAND BICYCLE PLAN 203o O private vehicle cycling walkingtransit INITIATIVES A ACTION PLANS 6% 7.5% 6% 962 infirastructure Miles of new bike 25% 40% | 2% Increase bicycle parking 70% 25% Proposed goals for modal split for 2030 as per the Bicycle Plan Increase funding for bicycle facilities PUBLIC TRANSIT METRO REGIONAL MASTER PLAN PUBLIC TRANSIT IN PORTLAND INCLUDES INITIATIVES A ACTION PLANS } bus 79 routes Transit oriented development that promotes mixed-use and high density development around light rail stops and transit cen hybrid bus 2 routes } light rail / 2 lines street car .....**....***•...*. commuter rail I line Urban growth boundary to promote medium to high density development that encourages walking and cycling CÜRITIBA Curitiba, known as the "Smiling City" has well over 52m? of green space for its residents to enjoy, a model transit system and has been lauded as one of the world's most forward thinking cities. Its legislation backs a culture of environmentalism. CURRENT MODAL SPLIT TIMELINE O private vehicle cycling walking transit 1964 21% master plan 29% Plan to create Predicted exponential Fears of traffic Designated congestion 5% wide boulevards corridors & radiating from the city centre city centre as a hub population 45% 1964 MASTER PLAN LAND USE PLANNING Arterial roads zoned for high density mixed-use limited parkne parking zones and transformation of streets into downtown pedestrian zones. PUBLIC TRANSIT PUBLIC TRANSIT IN CURITIBA INCLUDES TRANSIT HIERARCHIES Rede Integrada de Transporte bus rapid transit Bus Rapid Transit – buses running on dedicated bus lanes, routes and stations acting in lieu of rail. 21 stations 2 Minibuses - neighbourhood buses connecting people to BRT Stations 8 lines minibuses } in progress Retired buses are retrofitted and used for mobile training centres, schools, health centres, clinics, soup kitchens and food markets subway BOGOTA Bogota, or the "Athens of South America" and is a member of the United Nations Global Compact Cities Programme. The city is home to 8 million and though Colombia is a developing country, Bogota is committed to sustainability. CURRENT MODAL SPLIT TIMELINE O private vehicle cycling walking transit 1910 1926 1951 2000 15% 2% 19% bus rapid transit tram bus electric bus INTEGRATED MOBILITY STRATEGY Bus rapid transit (BRT) 400 93% 32% 41% 64% Km of new infrastructure Drop in bus accidents Drop in commute time Drop in air pollútion PUBLIC TRANSIT MAIN NETWORK Paths connecting city centre, main residential and institutions PUBLIC TRANSIT IN BOGOTA INCLUDES Ciclo rutas bike paths Transmilenio bus rapid transit 350 SECONDARY NETWORK HH Paths connection parks, bus stations, residential and main network 115 stations Km of new infrastructure TERTIARY NETWORK Recreational paths Il lines PEDESTRIAN NETWORK Connected with bike Pedestrian walkways paths subway in progress COPENHAGEN Copenhagen is one of Europe's leaders in overall green initiatives. Well known for having one of the strongest bike cultures around, they are determined to becomes the world's first carbon neutral capital. CURRENT MODAL SPLIT TIMELINE O private vehicle cycling walking transit 1950s 1970s 10% 28% Auto-centric planning Car free sundays Oil crisis Bike oriented policies TRANSPORT & ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION PLAN 2004 26% INITIATIVES & ACTION PLANS 36% Improve public transport Traffic calming Parking restrictions Low emission Congestion fee PUBLIC TRANSIT zones PUBLIC TRANSIT IN COPENHAGEN INCLUDES ECO - METROPOLIS 2015 electric bus A routes & express B routes Goal of world's best existing 346 cycling city 23 harbour 4 route Km of designated, physically separated lanes (cycle tracks and paths) Km of designated and signed only lanes light rail 7 lines 10 500 proposed } commuter 2 line Km of super bikeways to connect surrounding municipalities Km of green bicycle routes rall NEW DELHI New Delhi, the "City of Rallies" while not typically considered a contender of sustainable cities, it does work tirelessly to achieve sustainability. These efforts are impressive and take into account both the social and environmental aspects of transportation. CURRENT MODAL SPLIT DELHI MASTER PLAN TRANSPORT POLICY O private vehicle cycling walking transit 21% Improved transit integration including intemediate transport system that connects users to the main transport system 19% ------ Controlling congestion and vehicular pollution 1 2% 48% * private vehicles include automobiles, auto rickshaws and mopeds * cycling includes bicycles and bicycle rickshaws Introduction of cycle tracks on two major transportation corridors PUBLIC TRANSIT PUBLIC TRANSIT IN NEW DEUHI INCLUDES VISION 2050 Delhi bus rapid transit system TOD } 13 lines Transit oriented developments will be high-density, mixed-income developments, with high levels of connectivity to mass rapid transport modes, and pedestrian and cycle-friendly environments that promote individual safety. 115 } km of infrastructure } Land use zoning to optimize the use of mass transit systems. light rail 5 lines commuter 5 line Addition of more train stations to reduce congestion at the main terminal BEIJÍNG Beijing, or "The Forbidden City" is a complex city; it is both unsustainable and sustainable. The city is polluted from both vehicles and factories and yet there are green initiatives being taken in other aspects. The modal split of the city demonstrates a sustainable approach towards mobility. CURRENT MODAL SPLIT BEIJING 3510 O private vehicle cycling walking transit GREEN TRAVEL CAMPAIGN GUIDELINES (IN KM) 21% 21% walk 32% 26% bus PUBLIC TRANSIT TRANSPORTATION DEMAND MANAGEMENT POLICIES PUBLIC TRANSIT IN VANCOUVER INCLUDES Carbon tax that raises gasoline by $0.70 / gallon urban core inner suburbs outer suburbs distant suburbs late night bus No car day where car owners are restricted from driving one day of the week based on the last digit of their license plate } trolleybus 15 routes Parking restrictions Expanded bus service } subway 16 lines Bike share program launched in 2012 commuter rail 6 line O' GREEN WORLD © RM CREATIVE 2013

O' Green World

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A look at 5 major cities in the world that have a successful multi–modal transportation system and the policies that drive them.


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