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Newer Cars Save Lives

NEWER CARS SAVE LIVES Since the creation of the car, automobile manufacturers have progressively sought to make improvements to cars and reduce the chances of traffic accidents. As technology improves, the capabilities of car safety features have moved from the simple disc brakes of the 1950's to the advanced computer assisted braking, night vision and even pedestrian detection systems. 0o 12 CHANCE OF INJURY 2012 80% 2010 CHANCE OF INJURY 1989 1964 General Motors, Ford & Chrysler first offered 1956 seatbelts as optional safety features for new cars to compliment previous developments including safety glass and disc brakes. 1956 The four major US auto manufacturers installed 1964 two front-seat lap belts as standard equipment. Chrysler became the first manufacturer to offer 1989 airbags as standard equipment. The pedestrian detection system is offered as 2010 ption. Road Guidance Sensors offered 2012 SMARTER DUMMIES THEN AND NOW CRASH TEST 1957 2012 CRUMPLE ZONE SAFETY GLASS A 1949 the first Crash Test Dummy used in testing 1971 Hybrid I created to represent the Average Male in Height, mass and proportion. 1976 Hybrid III created with 58 indi- vidual data testing points to monitor during crash testing. CITYSAFE AUTO BRAKES SMARTBELT SYSTEM TIRE PRESSURE (!) MONITOR SYSTEM 2011 First Crash test Genius created with sensors capable of monitoring up to 2 Million data points testing. SIMULATED NIGHT VISION g crash 79 DATA 2,000,000P DATA POINTS POINTS Crash test dummies remain indispensable in the development of not only ergonomics of vehicles but also the refinement of safety features. As technology continues to evolve, new features such as fiber optic smart head- lights, proximity sensors, infrared object detection, hands-free computer con- trols and weather adapting stability control. SPEED CAR CRASHES AGE CRASHES RELATIVE TO MEN VS W OMEN CRASHES 44 56 55 <16 65+ 1000 CRASHES On average as a driver travels at higher rates of speed the chances of traffic accident for that 25-year-olds are responsible for the highest number of traffic accidents every year. Men cause almost 56% of all traffic accidents each year. driver increases. 1976.html test dummy Amazing/ Site seeker rouR PARTHER FOR ONLINESUCCESS 25

Newer Cars Save Lives

shared by bpssi on Mar 07
We pulled together tons of data from all over to show the exact innovations on a timeline and correlated that to driver safety. We also gathered some other useful driver safety statistic and visualize...


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