Navigation of the Sexes

Navigation of the Sexes= Men & Women battle for the driver's seat men said: women said: Who is a 85% M 43% M arguing antics what sparks arguments in the car? better driver? 15% W 57% W women said 22% M 19% M Who requires more pit stops? 40% W 37% W 17% 21% 38% Equal 44% Equal 17% 15% 21% Who has a better 17% 17% 81% M 55% M 20% 6% sense of direction? 19% W 45% W 4% 13% 21% ||48% M Who gets lost more often while driving? men said 32% M 68% W 52% W bad driving accusations opposing views on directions refusing to stop for directions | 76% M 45% M not making enough pit stops Who drives more music/radio disagreements 5% W 30% W during long trips? ongoing disagreement before getting in the car other 19% Alternate/depends 25% Alternate/depends horn HONKING 21% of respondents have a driving "anthem" 21% of respondents reported eating a meal that required a spoon or fork while driving 23% moments of respondents have driven with a dog on their lap 53% of men have driven with their knees Survey conducted by telenav The survey sample consisted of 610US residents of driving age. Responses were collected S/13 to S/16.

Navigation of the Sexes

shared by Angel on Mar 24
Men and women disagree on who’s the better driver, though 85% of men think they rule compared to only 57% of women who claim the wheel as theirs. TeleNav surveyed over 600 men and women to find out ...




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