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Most Surprising Facts About Men, Women & Cars!

MOST SURPRISING FACTS ABOUT MEN, WOMEN & CARS! PREPARE TO BE SURPRISED!! WHO LOVES THEIR CAR LONGER? The "Honeymoon Period": For a man & his car 4 Months For al woman & her car 4 Months What marks the end of the honeymoon? MAN WOMAN Parks around other cars (33%) Lets spouse finally drive car (39%) Starts transporting sports equipment Starts car-pooling other kids (24%) (22%) Less frequent car cleaning (17%) Started eating in car O(12%) High-payment starts to bother them (12%) Puts makeup on while driving (9%) Stops using gas mileage button (7%) Leaves clothes in car (6%) No more fights a long trips (3%) over who drives during Starts smoking in car (2%) Other 6% Other 8% SOME FACTS ABOUT MEN, WOMEN & CARS Who drives cleaner?? 56% of women leave the car unwashed for or more WHILE 44% of men said the same 6 months Men, Cars & Health 77% men find it easier to care for their 40% men more likely to address car issues cars than they do their personal health than health problems How men accessorize their cars VS women: MAN WOMAN Hubcaps Seat covers Rims Cuddly toys Glittered key Racing strips Cabin mounted rifle racks Plate frame Decals and truck balls Chair cushion Car lashes (?!) Survival kit... Car perfume When car shopping: MEN see Red Women take Shine to Silver Whether you love your car more or less, Red or Silver, accessorized or not.... At we provide service to anyone in need. RESOURCES: TOWING = SUGAR LANO

Most Surprising Facts About Men, Women & Cars!

shared by Carene on Feb 17
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Here you can find some interesting & surprising facts about men, women & cars.




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