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The Most Common Cars & Engines Myths

720 MYTHS MYTH TRUTH &ENGINES ABOUT ARS &NGINES з CHANGE YOUR ENGINE OIL WARM-UP THE ENGINE FUEL ADDITIVES ARE ли EVERY 3,000 MILES BEFORE DRIVING GOOD FOR YOUR ENGINE Oil can last much more than 3,000 miles, check owner's manual for details. This practice causes more cold-start wear and tear. Fuel additives do not improve your engine performance. EVERY CAR NEEDS CHASSIS STANDARD TUNE-UP IS A CHANGE AIR FILTER LUBRICATION MUST FOR EVERY CAR WITH EVERY OIL CHANGE Cars built in the last two decades don't require lubrication. Computer-controlled engines have made the standard Not true, most of the time it just needs cleaning. tune-up a thing of the past. FLUSH TRANSMISSION DRAIN THE RADIATOR FUEL INJECTORS NEED TWICE A YEAR TWICE A YEAR CLEANING Modern cars have closed Don't do it unless the Flush it after 6o,000 miles. system and don't need flushing. manufacturer calls for it. 10 11 12 WARRANTY IS CANCELLED IF YOUNG AND INEXPERIENCED PREPARE YOUR CAR FOR MAINTENANCE IS DRIVERS CAUSE MORE WINTER CARRIED OUT ACCIDENTS Nowadays, oil is designed to function in both summer Oil change, filter change etc don't void warranty. Young drivers are responsible for 25% fatal injuries out of 100%. and winter. 13 14 15 1 3 5 MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS OFFER YOU CAN MAKE YOUR CAR HIGH-OCTANE PETROL GIVES H. BETTER FUEL ECONOMY THAN MUCH MORE POWERFUL BY MORE POWER AUTOMATICS FILLING IT WITH JET FUEL High / low don't matter, fuel depends upon engine type. CVT eliminates the advantage of manuals, and in some cases puts automatics ahead. Definitely not, in fact conventional car engines can't even combust kerosene. 2 4 R 16 17 18 TURNING ON THE AIR CON UK HAS SOME OF THE STOP A BULLET TO CAR'S FUEL TANK SAFEST ROADS IN EUROPE GIVES MORE FUEL ECONOMY THAN WNDOWS OPEN X WILL MAKE IT EXPLODE A FOR CHILDREN A/C Turning on the air con gobbles up more fuel than driving with UK rates 11th for child On first fire, there's no ignition, and no explosion. pedestrian deaths among the windows down. 19 EU countries. 19 20 21 HIDING BEHIND A CAR WILL FILLING-UP IN THE MORNING OFF-BRAND PETROL WILL PROTECT YOU FROM SAVES MORE MONEY HURT YOUR CAR GUNFIRE OIL Petrol is stored in underground tanks, where the temperature hardly fluctuates. Bullets go through cars, unless yours is a bullet proof one. Don't worry, generic and branded fuels have same standards. 22 23 24 THE TOYOTA PRIUS GIVES WORSE MILEAGE THAN ELECTRIC CARS EASILY CATCH WHEN YOUR CAR IS FIRE AFTER A CRASH THAN OVERHEATING, YOU SHOULD_ SLOW DOWN CONVENTIONAL CARS A BMW M3 It depends on how you drive, The health and safety agencies do not agree. Turn your heater on full-blast to cool down enigne. Prius is more economical on public roads. 25 26 27 A DIRTY CAR IS MORE FUEL PREMIUM FUEL MAKES YOUR RED CARS ARE PULLED OVER EFFICIENT THAN A CLEAN NON-PREMIUM CARS RUN FOR SPEEDING MORE OFTEN ONE BETTER THAN OTHERS Dirt particles actually create more drag and can reduce fuel economy. It has absolutely no benefit. Always use recommended fuel. Colours don't make a difference. 28 29 30 MODEL I FORD OVERDRIVE FUNCTION FORD'S MODEL T ONLY BMW DRIVERS ARE GENTLEMEN MAKES YOU GO FASTER CAME IN BLACK ON THE ROAD 0/D doesn't have anything to do with acceleration, it's about engine efficiency at higher speeds. O The car was produced in many different colours. Research suggests otherwise (No offence to Bimmer owners.) 31 32 33 BIGGER WHEELS MAKE IN SNOW, BIG SUVS = SAFE, CARS CAN RUN ON WATER YOU FASTER CITY CARS = DANGEROUS Bigger wheels just suck extra petrol and acceleration. City cars have low centre of gravity so, they are safe. There is just no way to run a car on water. 34 35 36 BY LAW YOU HAVE 72-HOURS OCTANE ISN'T AS HIGH AS IT POLICE CARS ARE SECRETLY COOLING OFF PERIOD WHEN 72 WAS IN PAST POWERFUL BUYING A NEW CAR HOURS COOLING OFF PERIOD Octane level is basically the same as it always was. They might have slightly higher engine specs, but no secret chips turning them in supercars. There is no such law. 37 38 39 PUTTING SUGAR IN THE PUTTING A POTATO INTO THE MOST TRAFFIC DELAYS ARE PETROL TANK WILL RUIN EXHAUST PIPE WILL STOP CAUSED BY COMMUTERS THE ENGINE THE ENGINE Leisure and shopping both Sugar can only clog fuel filters not engine. It will shoot out when engine starts running. generate more traffic than commuting. 41 42 THE PROPER TYRE PRESSURE IS STAMPED ON THE SIDEWALL WHEN ENGINE OIL TURNS CAR COLOUR AFFECTS DARK, IT'S DIRTY AND SHOULD BE CHANGED GETTING TRAFFIC TICKETS Follow the recommended oil change interval. It depends on the nature of offense and conditions at Printed pressure is the maximum air pressure that tyre can bear, it is never recommended. MAX PRESS 35 PSI .e the time. 43 44 45 IF THE BRAKE FLUID IS LOW, AFTER A JUMP-START, YOUR SYNTHETIC ENGINE OILS TOPPING IT OFF WILL FIX CAR WILL SOON FULLY CAN CAUSE OIL LEAKS THE PROBLEM RECHARGE THE BATTERY X Today's reformulated synthetic oils even reduce rather than Find-out the core problem, why the fluid level dropped The car needs hours of driving for a full charge. cause leakage. down. 46 47 48 QUICK WARM-UP IN THE DISHWASHING AND LAUNDRY REPLACE TYRES WHEN GARAGE IS BETTER FOR DETERGENTS MAKE A GOOD PENNY TEST FAILS THE CAR CAR WASH This practice can kill you, Replace them after manufacturer's given lifetime ends. Detergents strip off a car's wax finish. mono-oxide fumes are dangerous. 51 4 LITRES OF ENGINE OIL IS ADDITIVES CAN BOOST ALL ENGINE OILS ARE JUST RIGHT FOR A ENGINE OIL THE SAME 4-CYLINDER CAR PERFORMANCE Additives may upset the oil chemistry and create Oils are formulated to meet Always check owner's manual. ADDITIVES LITRES various specifications. new problems. 52 54 ONCE YOU USE AN OIL BRAND GIVE YOUR ENGINE A MIXED THEN ALWAYS USE THE OIL NEVER WEARS OUT OIL MASSAGE SAME DOCTOR OIL It's dangerous and might kill your engine. Oil does wear out and Oil chemsitry matters more than the brand. oxidise. 56 57 KEEP YOUR DOORS UNLOCKED SO YOU CAN BE RESCUED GOOD OIL IS NOT NEEDED SYNTHETIC OIL IS FOR NEWER CARS ONLY AFTER WARRANTY EXPIRATION EASILY IN AN ACCIDENT 5000 Unlocked doors can cause accident and kill you before All oils are held to a standard, Old engines require high quality oil. acceptable for use in older and newer cars alike. your time. 58 YOU CAN GO A LONG WAY ON EMPTY IT'S ILLEGAL TO DRIVE SPEED CAMERAS HAVE A BAREFOOT 10% TOLERANCE It's not illegal in itself to drive with no shoes on. Cameras flash you even at 61mph. Warning Speed Cameras A calculated amount of fuel is left in tank so fill before it hits 'E'. 61 62 63 SPEEDING IN SELF-DRIVING IT'S ILLEGAL TO CIRCLE A SINGLE LINES ARE JUST THE CAR DON'T LEAD TO ROUNDABOUT MORE SAME AS DOUBLE YELLOWS TRAFFIC FINES THAN 3 TIMES Single line means no stopping during day, double line means no stopping at anytime. You will have to pay the fine no matter what you are driving. There is absolutely no evidence to support this myth. 64 66 NOT AN OFFENCE TO USE YOUR MEN ARE BETTER DRIVERS DRINKING WATER WHILE MOBILE PHONE IF YOU ARE THAN WOMEN DRIVING IS AN OFFENCE STATIONARY Women are involved in fewer Three points and a fine if your engine is ON while using phone. accidents and motoring NO! It is just careless driving offences. 67 68 69 YOU CAN'T BE BOOKED IF YOU CAN'T GET IN TROUBLE REFLECTIVE NUMBER PLATES CAUGHT SPEEDING IN FOR DRIVING TOO SLOW CAN BEAT SPEED CAMERAS A HIRE CAR Many drivers have been stopped and charged for driving too slow. Cameras can read infrared, black & white, negative so these plates won't do any good. O Rental company will pass your details onto the police. 70 71 72 RUNNING THE FUEL TANK ON YOU'LL AUTOMATICALLY FAIL IT'S BEST TO FIT YOUR NEW NEAR TO EMPTY HELPS YOUR DRIVING TEST IF YOU TYRES TO THE FRONT AXLE TO CLEAN IT STALL THE CAR Running out of fuel can cause car Correctly handle the Vehicle if it stalls, you should be OK New tyres on rear axles engine and other components to seize up. improve road stability ENGINI COMPARL f enginecompare You Tube enginecompare ++EnginecompareCoUk @enginecompare .CO.UK

The Most Common Cars & Engines Myths

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There are many things people normally believe about cars and engines and most of those are actually not true, we have tried to bust all these automotive misconceptions in an infographic, to find out a...


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