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Misunderstood Road Signs and Confused Motorists

SIGN LANGUAGE It's a confusing world out there on the road. For many motorists, the roadside signs and signals that direct traffic only make it worse. Some people might not have a clue what a sign means, or worse, some might interpret a sign to mean exactly its opposite. MISUNDERSTOOD ROAD SIGNS AND CONFUSED MOTORISTS w MOTORISTS PUZZLED BY BASIC ROAD SIGNS I CONFUSED OUT ON THE ROADS IGNORING CONFUSING SIGNS Though road signs may seem straightforward, most people say they're confused by even the most basic signs. When motorists are confused by road signs most simply ignore them. MORE THAN HALF ignore confusing road signs. TWO-THIRDS of motorists are confused by basic road signs on a daily basis. 1 IN 3 motorists says road signs are so confusing they often just follow the car in front of them. One in 20 motorists confess they never notice road signs. MISUNDERSTANDING BASIC ROAD SIGNALS /II Even the most basic road signs can baffle motorists. Consider these popular signs and some of the ways people interpret them. "GIVE WAY" ROAD SIGNS "NO WAITING" SIGNS "END OF 30 MPH SPEED LIMIT" SIGNS "NO MOTOR VEHICLES ALLOWED" SIGNS GIVE WAY 30 HOW IT'S MISUNDERSTOOD HOW IT'S MISUNDERSTOOD • 50 per cent didn't know HOW IT'S MISUNDERSTOOD what the sign meant. HOW IT'S MISUNDERSTOOD MORE THAN HALF •1 IN 20 believe it signals 1 IN 4 think it means "no entry" or they should roll down 1 IN 3 "no parking." windows and listen for approaching vehicles. believe it means they're believe it means only cars not allowed to drive below and motorbikes are allowed. 30 mph. BIZARRE ROAD SIGNS FROM AROUND THE WORLD /I With so many road signs in existence can you really know what they all mean? Here are some of the bizarre real-life signs you'll find around the world. SIGN NOT IN USE 11 attenzione prostitute Destination Unknown Tokyo, Japan Treviso, Italy PENGUINS CROSSING 7:00-9:00 16:00-19:00 Leiden-Haarlem Canal, The Netherlands SLOW Guangzhou, China Oamaru, New Zealand BEWARE OF ROAD SURPRISES Destination Unknown United Arab Emirates BEWARE OF Destination Unknown INVISIBLE COWS MOST OF THE MAUNA KEA ACCESS ROAD BELOW HALE POHAKU IS OPEN CATTLE RANGE, AND THE COWS FREQUENTLY CROSS THE ROAD. DARK-COLORED COWS ARE OFTEN INVISIBLE IN DARKNESS AND/OR FOG. USE EXTREME CAUTION AND DRIVE VERY SLOWLY IN THIS OPEN RANGE. Hawaii, United States SOURCES: MSN | JALOPNIK | GADLING | DAILY MAIL | CASTROL | HUFFINGTON POST

Misunderstood Road Signs and Confused Motorists

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It seems some motorists are confused by roadsigns. Some people might not have a clue what a sign means, or worse, some might interpret a sign to mean exactly the opposite. We take a look at the misund...



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