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MiG: Between Past and Future

MiG: between Past and Future Out of production MIG aircraft are well known and popular in many parts of the world In service RSK MIG products MiG-35 o Fighter trainers o Trainers o Light general-purpose achievement Maiden flight 2002 RSK MIG prospects o Creation of a new unified 4++ generation of fighters o Modernization of the MiG-29 o Retaining and expanding the world-market light-fighter segment Generation 4 ++ Multirole fighter; features more sophisticated avionics, electronic equipment than the MiG-29. General o Over MiG 60,000 built in 70 years o Currently there are more than 4,800 Russian MiG aircraft in 54 countries around the world The Russian aircraft construction corporation MIG accounted for 10 percent of the global light fighter jet market in 2009 First presented at air shows in 2007. The company is taking part in a tender to supply 26 fighter jets to India (results are expected later in the year). Number built: about 10 The most famous MiG fighters * Mig means, moment" in Russian MiG-15 MiG-17 MiG-19 MiG-21 MiG-23 MiG-25 MiG-27 MiG-29 MiG-31 I 1947 1950 1954 1956 1962 1964 1972 1977 1975 2 3 3 4 All-weather long-ranger The most widely produced jet aircraft ever made. Modernized version First Soviet supersonic A speed of Mach 2. Multirole fighter, first Soviet swing-wing fighter. Fighter with a speed of up to 3,000 km/h. Ground-attack aircraft capable of carrying battlefield nuclear Air superiority fighter. Number built: over 1,600. interceptor fighter. Currently in service in Russia and Kazakhstan. of MIG-15. fighter. Still in service in some Have been in service Have been in service in more than 20 countries. Countries. Used in Iran-Iran, Currently in service in Russia and another 28 states. Have been in service in more than Number built weapons. Syria-Israel wars, first war in the Persian Gulf. Number built: 40 countries. about 5,000 In service with the air force of Kazakhstan, India, Iran, and Cuba. in 40 countries. over 10,000 Number built: about 500 Number built: Over 11,000 aircraft built Number built: Number built: about 1200 Used in a number of intemational armed 15,000 8,500 conflicts in the 1990s Number built: about 900 RIANOVOSTI © 2010 Description Generation Designation

MiG: Between Past and Future

shared by IGEmp on Jan 24
MiG aircrafts are well known and popular across the world. This infographic takes a look at MiG aircrafts and how they have evolved in design and technology through the years.




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