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Men vs Women - Who are the better drivers?

Women or MNen Who are the better drivers? presented by Sú Small and large offences while driving Women Men 80% yes Have you ever received a fine, for breaking the driving laws? yes |15% 4% yeA yes |14% Have you ever had your drivers licence suspended? 17 % of all women admit that they can- not reverse into a parking space very well. 45 % of all men have caused an accident in the past. 14% yes Have you ever tailgated someone on the motorway? yes 27% 24% Do you always respect speed limits? 31% no no 21% titi 41% Have you ever driven under the influence of alcohol? Conclusion: Women are the better drivers! BUT: Men think they are the better drivers. 74% Do you consider yourself to be a good driver? yes 35 % average 3 % no 62% 24 % average 2 % no yes 26% of all women have a soft toy in their car. Who loves his car ... 12% of all men allow Teddy to drive with them. GI RL 55 B OY 53 55 % of all women possess a licence 53 % of all men possess a licence plate with a personal meaning. plate with a personal meaning. 22% yes yes 11% Does your car have a name? Have you cleaned your car in the past two months? 63 % of all women 70 % of all men 18% yes Do you consider your car to be a status symbol? yes 15% What is the most important for you about your car? .. Ở Men 58 % 65 % Safety Q Women |57 % 54 % Value for money 153 % 57 % Low fuel consumption 51 % Functionality 50 % 27 % Motorisation 18 % 20 % Interior 21 % |18 % Design 21 % 8 % Colour 12 % 55% While driving of all men sing a song while driving. 3 多 今 关 ! 73% of all women 75% 66% of all men swear while driving. swear while driving. of all women sing while driving. this is how woman are: 18% 21% 63% 7% 69% ... think it's important sometimes bump up hair and make-up ... are not upset about anything concerning men's driving style. ... hate it if men ... feel secure tailgate on the motorway. what kind of car a when a man in the car. guy drives. drives. this is how men are: 17% 48 % 92 % 43% 26% ... have already parked on a women's parking area. ... criticise women's parking claim to be a good ... would not be ... are not upset about anything concerning women's driving style. co-driver if a troubled if their wife woman drives. drove a better car. ability. Note: In Germany you can find parking areas only for women. 40% of all men 81% gaze at women while driving. of all women never gaze at men while driving. ... another 20% only take a peek while parking 10% check out the other sex while driving... ... an incredible number of and 9% only sneak 40% a peek at the other sex while standing. are fully concentrated on driving. A survey of 1.000 German female and male drivers were interviewed. SIXT

Men vs Women - Who are the better drivers?

shared by sixtrentacar on Jan 20
Sixt rent a car surveyed 1,000 people to get these results about the differences between women and men driving tendencies. So let’s find out who thinks they are the better drivers.


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