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Men vs Women: Who Are Better Drivers?

Ah, the age old debate Are men better drivers than women? MEN WOMEN Who Are Better Drivers? The women argue that they're better drivers than men. Who's right? Who's wrong? Let's look at some statistics to set the argument at ease once and for al. DRIVING FACTS The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported 14% increase FEMALES 15% females 50 miles females over last 25 years fatal accidents speed kills risky practices I MALES 11% decrease Men account for about 61 percent of the total miles driven in the country 24% males 200 miles males CAR OWNERSHIP Women buy 60% of all new cars and 53% of used cars, and spend $300 bn annually keeping their cars repaired SAFETY AAAA Women order safety options on their cars at a much higher rate than men ACCIDENT STATISTICS Female-to-female accidents Male-to-Male accidents Female-to-Male accidents 20.5% 31.9% 47.6% The average six-month policy for a man costs $765 while it only costs $698 for 80% of crashes with pedestrians are caused by male drivers women Women are more 4 times more likely than men to be involved in an accident while texting Men have a 77% of higher risk of dying in a car accident Women are more likely to be driving with children, who are among the biggest distractions in a car Male drivers are more likely to break the laws than women VIOLATION STATISTICS 3.41 3.09 3.08 1.75 1.54 1.53 FATAL ACCIDENT STATISTICS Rate is for number of fatal crashes per 100 million miles traveled 9.2 4.0 1.8 4.1 9.2 4.0 1.8 4.1 Rate of fatal crashes You might want to admit it, but women are statistically safer drivers than men. While the accidents women are involved with are minor fender-benders, men tend to be involved in bigger accidents, thus costing their insurance companies a whole lot of money. SOURCES Reckless Driving Ina

Men vs Women: Who Are Better Drivers?

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The age old debate. Are men better drivers than women? The women argue that they’re better drivers than men. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Let’s look at some statistics to set the argument at ease...


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