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The Many Faces of Fleet Management

verizon THE MANY FACES OF FLEET MANAGEMENT EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS FOR EVERY NEED With the rapid growth of e-commerce and online shopping, consumers want service faster than ever. In response, many companies are turning to fleet management to lower costs and improve efficiency. From local companies to national corporations, fleet management is changing the way businesses do business. 2013 $262 billion $262 billion: 16.9% Growth from U.S. E-commerce sales in 2012 Total e-commerce sales in the US in 2013 Delivering excellent service is crucial to building a successful local business. Efficient fleet management helps business owners like Bill control costs while serving more customers. Small Business Fleets Bill is the owner of a popular local flower shop that has a fleet of delivery vans. The Problem • Van accidents have increased insurance premiums. • A van broke down and needs an $800 engine repair • One of the vans was recently stolen The Fleet Management Solution • GPS keeps tabs on vehicle O Vehicle Tracking peformance • Monitor employee performance to reduce risky driving. locations • Helps police track the exact location if vehicle is stolen 10 Engine Maintenance 15 20 • Diagnostic codes identify engine problems • Reduce the risk of breakdowns and • Track routine 10 maintenance scheduling control repair costs Delivering excellent service is crucial to building a successful local business. Efficient fleet management helps business owners like Bill control costs while serving more customers. Enterprise Fleets Joanne is the C00 of a major cable & Internet provider with a nationwide fleet of trucks. The Problem • Customers have been complaining about the long four-hour service windows $ • Drivers have been getting speeding tickets • Fuel costs too high The Fleet Management Solution • Reduce mileage with more efficient routing Routing and Rerouting • Route the nearest available vehicle • Web-based monitoring dashboard provides instant access to fleet information Driver Management • Monitor driver performance near real-time • Help keep drivers safe and on time • Speeding alerts highlight risky driving Equipped with the tools to better manage her service fleet, Joanne can reduce service windows and provide customers with faster service. Government Fleets Ron is the Mayor of a large suburban town and oversees the emergency and public works vehicle fleets. His goal is to reduce city spending and go green. The Problem • Public works vehicles regularly require maintenance • High demand for public works assistance during • Fuel consumption is major source of government spending severe weather The Fleet Management Solution • Track speed and idle time to limit fuel consumption Reducing Fuel Costs • Analyze mileage and usage for every vehicle • Verify that vehicles are meeting emissions standards Improving Fleet Performance • Track vehicle use by depart- • Keep vehicle maintenance on schedule • Equip fleet with GPS technology for safety and efficiency • Reduce or enlarge fleet size as needed ment A streamlined fleet management system can help Ron keep the city running efficiently, staying on budget, and meeting its environmental goals. A From A to B There's a lot to keep track of when managing a fleet of vehicles- one broken link and the whole chain gets thrown off. Equip your business with the tools and technology to keep the system moving, so products and services make a successful trip from point A to B. Sources: [1KFI6FdCUjEH607g7RjaO

The Many Faces of Fleet Management

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This particular graphic represents the fleet management market and describes how a GPS tracking solution can help business owners overcome the challenges associated with running a fleet-based operatio...



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