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Maintenance Tips For Your Car

Maintenance Tips > For Your Car < BEFORE YOU START Dirt will accumulate inside a car however careful you are Mudch of itis brought in by the driver and passengers but traffic fumes and airbome dirt erter the car through the ventlation system Start by emptying al the contents of the car into a handy container This indudes the cortents of glovebax, centre console, door podets and footwells Remove all the mats. You may find a variety of foing, some need a coin to undo (lezve a coin in the ahtray for the future) and others justa twist Bang the mats out to loosen the dirt Do the same with the boot Carefully remove the spare wheel, toos, mats and all other items. fyour car is a hatchback, remove the parcel shelf as Before using a budet, make sure it is dean and not full of gitty dirt from the last wash -a car's worst enemy Change your water regularty Whether or not you are dearing your car always remove bird droppings as soon as you can as it destroys the paint surface quidty Keep a pack of Bird Dropping Wipes in the glovebax. it is easier to clean this out of the car WHEELS AND TYRES Male sure the wheel is cold (very important) and then spray Clean Wheels or Custom Wheel Cleaner (dheck with your car manufacturer for any special requirements) so that it thoroughly wets al visble surfaces of the rim Working on one wheel at a time agtate with the Hi-Tech Wheel Brush making sure that you reach all surfaces. Use a thin powerful jet to hose off thoroughly and do not let the deaner dry before hosing of For very intricate and high specification aloy wheels, use Custom Wheel Cleaner which has a balanced acid free formulation that is both kind to the ervironment and the wheels. Spray Engine & Machine Cleaner under the arches and on al muddy areas Leave this strong detergent for seeral minutes to let it penetrate and loosen the dirt then use a stiff brush or spatula to remove caled on mud under the arches With the wheel ether sil wet or dry. spray Instant Tyre Dressing or Foaming Tyre Dressing onto the tyre then leave to dry to a sheen For a matt finish, wipe with a doth before the dressing finaly dries. Carefully spray Alloy Wheel Seal onto the wheel or drectly onto a doth and then apply to the wheel to kep product off the brale discs and calipers. Buff with a soft dry dloth for a brale dust-restant shine CLEANING THE ENGINE BAYY A buildup of dead leaves in the fresh air intake gile can eventually blodkit compietely Remove al leaves and other debris from the charnel at the foot of he windsreen. Modem car engnes have many electronic sencors and these are best covered with waterproof tape before deaning the engre bayWhen in doubt keep water away from electrical items. Dirt will accumulate incide a car however carefu you are. Much of it is brought in by the driver and passergers but traffic fumes and airbome drt enter the car through the ventiation system. Spray Engine & Machine Cleaner orto every surface under the bonnet. Pay attention to the realy grubby bits at the foot of the engine and take care on any fagle underbonnet insuation material The treatment leaves rubber and platic looking Agtate the cearer thoroughly using a smal brush. Spend time here so that every inaccessible surface is treated and re-apply more deaner if you missed it first time Hose off the engine starting at the bottom and working up This helps the detergent to flow of The underside of the bonnet can be hosed take care with frail insulation material Use kitchen towel to mop up excess water in plug holes, then spray Vinyi & Rubber Care Over the whole engine. Leave to dry and even out patches with a dry doth. DOORS AND BOOT SHUTS Spray Engine & Machine Cleaner on all the door shuts and frames up to window height. Don't be afraid if you splash the interior, the cleaner is safe on all fabrics as long as it is removed before it dries. Use a smal brush to work in the deaner around lods, striker plates and hinges Wet the brush with cleaner before you start Shut doors for a few minutes to let detergent work Repeat this process on the boot shuts on all the lower surfaces. Do not spray deaner on the underside of the boot lid just use the smal bruh to cary deaner to the panel edges and agitate prior to wiping of Using a concentrated jet, hose the shuts starting at the bottom and working up to waist height Point the hose slighty away from the car, start the flow, then move. the jet onto the door shuts. This gives more control and keeps water out of the interior. Repeat this process on the door frame and remove any blodages from the drain holes When you come to the boot shut the lid onto the first catch and poirt the hose in the crevice between boot and body This will get rid of most of the drt and you finish it off with a cloth or leather The result will add to that 'hew car look and present a dean entry for pasengers. Wipe the shuts every time you wash the car to leep them looking ike this all Spray Vinyl & Rubber Care on to the Perfect Polishing Cloth and treat the door and boot rubbers to prevent the rubbers stiding to the door frames and to give them a perfect finish the time. CLEANING Use Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner with tepid water The foam produced lubricates the sponge on the paintwork. Hose of the worst of the mud then rain a fine spray over the whole car to wet it thoroughly Active Insect Remover can be sprayed where necessary onto the vehice's bodywork to soften incect remains malking them easier to remove. Likewise Bird Dropping Wipes can be used for heavier solids. Sponge the car one side at a time starting from the roof and working downwards. Use pienty of water in a wide sweeping action to flow the dirt of Use a small, soft brush to shift the dirt in the crevices around bumpers, number plates, panel shut lines badges and the front grile. Use the Hi-Tech Flexi Water Blade which quiddy removes most of the water from the bodywork and windows, just needing a quick firish with the Hi-Tech Aqua-Dry synthetic dhamois or the Hi-Tech Microfibre Drying Towel The Hi-Tech Aqua-Dry synthetic chamois wil dry your car quider than any natural leather and holds an amazing amount of water. Use flat to get the worst off before firishing off in the usual way Rince the shampoo from the vehide before t has had a chance to dry particularty on hot Dry the door stuts and boot then slam doors and boot to dislodge standrng water. Leave open to drain Areas around bumpers can be tridy to dry. Use the edge of the Hi Tech Aqua-Dry syrthetic chamois or the Hi-Tech Microfibre Drying Towel to soalk up water. summer days. PRESSURE WASHING Fil the detergent reservoir of the pressure washer with Autoglym Pressure Wash. Cover the entire vehide with foam When rinsing start at the bottom and work up. This helps to flow off the dirt and stops Pressure Wash streaking down the side of the car it also leaves the detergent in place unti the last minute When dearing door shuts, start the hose away from the vehice then move the jet onto the area to be rirced This gives more directional control as the recoil from a power hose is considerable Using two hands on the lance,point the hose sightiy away from the car when hosing door shuts. You will be surprised how ittle splashing there is and the interior will keep almost completely dry TIPS PROVIDED BY Call us at: 0203 092 2232 autodeutsche

Maintenance Tips For Your Car

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