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The Main Causes of Breakdowns on UK Roads

The main causes of BREAKDOWNS ON UK ROADS Did you know? Holts Problem Solved There are more than 10,000 vehicle breakdowns on UK roads every day? Battery Battery flat and not a Good Samaritan in sight? There goes your Sunday at the seaside. But what are the main causes of these hard-shoulder hassles, and is there anything motorists can do to avoid the Flat and faulty batteries account for 31.7% of breakdowns on UK roads. breakdown blues? Let's find out. What Causes the Most Breakdowns on Our Roads? Fuel System You've topped up the tank and are cruising the open road. But wait – what's that smell? That Engine One minute you're trundling down the road en-route to work, and the next you're marooned on a verge shrouded in steam that's billowing from beneath the bonnet. weird noise? That scary clunk? From overheating to lack of lubrication, engine problems cause 7.2% of vehicle breakdowns on Britain's roads. Don't let your engine destroy your day: instead, check your oil every couple of weeks and change or top up your coolant regularly. It could be your fuel system. Fuel system faults account for 5.7% of annual breakdowns, and are often the result of a 5.7% malfunctioning fuel pump, "dirty" or low-grade fuel, or a problem with the fuel injectors. If you suspect a faulty fuel system, get yourself to a garage. Fuel Injection >> Wheels / Tyres Tyre trouble? We've all been there. Punctures, blowouts and uneven wear – those System You can't see it, but dirt and debris in your car's fuel tank has the potential to ruin your day and put a real squeeze on your finances. pricey pieces of rubber cause all sorts of bother for the motorist about town. How? Debris builds up on the injectors, preventing fuel from entering the engine. On average, fuel injection problems account for 10% of breakdowns every year. In fact, 6.9% of all breakdowns are caused by tyre and wheel problems - with punctures being the root cause of roadside call-outs. Rotating your tyres every 6,500 miles should keep tyre wear even, and be sure to carry Tyreweld in your boot for emergencies. 6.9% 10% Ignition System You've crawled out of bed on a cold midweek morning, only to find that the car won't start. Sigh. Faults in the ignition system are some of the most infuriating problems faced by UK drivers, with 9.9% of annual breakdowns caused by ignition fault. To keep non-starter misery at bay, check your battery, charging and ignition system regularly. Air Conditioning and Heating When it's high summer or darkest winter, most 9.9% motorists reach for the heating or air conditioning - so when they stop working, there's trouble. Air conditioning and heating failure cause 4.2% of Lost Keys breakdowns in the UK each 4.2% year – with many possible causes for air con failure it's worth getting a mechanic to check it out for you. Lost your car keys? You aren't the only one. Astonishingly, 4% of UK breakdowns are as a result of lost keys and keys locked inside vehicles. 4% To ensure you're never locked out of your car again, keep a spare key handy in case of out-and-out emergencies or silly senior 2nd moments. Oddest Driveway DIY Desperate times call for desperate measures, and when it comes to motoring, drivers will often do anything to get their car back on the road. To pay homage to those who take car repair into their own hands, here's a look at some of the oddest, weirdest and outright desperate spots of driveway DIY. 1. The Radiator Eg Fix If you're faced with a leaky radiator or cooling system, one last-ditch cure doing the rounds on motoring forums is the humble egg. How? Some say, if you crack an egg into your cooling system, it will solidify as the coolant warms – bunging any holes or cracks. Does it work? We wouldn't advise you try it! 2. The Pringles Pipe Fx Found a hole or crack in a pipe, tube or cylinder? Before you call a mechanic, why not pop open a tube of Pringles and use the tube as a makeshift seal? Driveway DIY-ers have been known to use all manner of household tubes to plug holes and cracks - including fizzy drink cans. Our advice? Don't go there. 2. The Air Conditioning Add-On When summer arrives, some drivers lacking the luxury of air conditioning take drastic action to ensure they keep cool behind the wheel. Enter the DIY air conditioning unit, which features a portable fan pointed at a large bag of ice. Though bare-bones basic, we can see this working quite well – for about five minutes, we reckon. Holts At Holts, we have a range of products developed to help you solve your car problems and get back on the road. View our full range at Problem Solved Sources:

The Main Causes of Breakdowns on UK Roads

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What are the main causes of breakdowns on UK roads? In this infographic we take a closer look at what problems most commonly crop up and what drivers can do to try and avoid them. Plus we round up som...


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