Lower Your Car Insurance

Lower Your Car Insurance Tips and Tricks to Help Cut the Cost! 7 ways you could save money on your car insurance Case study: 25-year-old male, living in London, 3 years No Claims Bonus, Ford Focus £6,500, 12,000 miles per year, no voluntary excess, Social and Commuting. Prices correct 01/02/2012. Original quote Covers all requirements Used comparison site £930.62 X No adjustments made We use a price comparison site such as to search through a huge list of insurers and find their cheapest quote. Could achieve lower prices 1- Add an experienced driver Can add multiple additional drivers to the -|--238.19--| policy £692.43 X Be careful of fronting' Adding my girlfriend (age 25 with 5 years of claim-free driving) means that she can drive my car when required. It has also lowered the insurance policy by £238.19, as her experience is helping to lower the risk. X Could increase premiums 2- Third Party Fire and Theft X No cover for your own damage following an accident ---183.07-| ----£747.55 Reducing the policy to Third Party Fire and Theft cover usually reduces premiums. However, this means the cost of any vehicle repairs has to be paid by the policy holder following an accident. Not advised for cars over £1,500 in value 3- Add a voluntary excess Multiple levels of voluntary excess for further savings -|£150.56| --£780.06 Adding a voluntary excess of £250 to the policy allows insurance providers to offer reduced prices. This is because you are agreeing to pay more towards the cost of your own vehicle damage following a claim. X Greater cost to you if you have to claim for your damage 4 - Change to Social only X Using the vehicle for work purposes - including driving it to or from your place of work - could invalidate your insurance --| --£832.21 £98.41 If you have the option to choose public transport or walking/cycling to work then you could choose a Social only policy. Costs are reduced as you are calculated on using your vehicle less and not at busy rush-hour periods. 5 - Reduce annual mileage Check your car and MOT certificates for regular mileage --H £91.35 X Advising the wrong --£839.27 Check your MOT certificates for your regular mileage. Guessing and setting it high to cover yourself may cost you extra on your yearly premium. Reducing the mileage from 10,000 to 7,500 has saved £91.35. yearly mileage could affect your claim 6 - Additional security Will also help reduce the chances of vehicle theft -£862.36 £68.26 Cost may outweigh the insurance saving Fitting additional security such as a Thatcham approved alarm, immobiliser or tracking device may help lower insurance risk. This sometimes allows the insurance company to quote cheaper premiums. 7 - Clear out your garage -|-| Helps protect againt minor scratches and bumps from people in the street --£878.54 £52.08 Clearing your garage of clutter so you can store your vehicle there overnight may help reduce premiums. A vehicle in a locked garage will be iess of a target for damage or theft than if left parked in the street. Our Final Quote £324.19 Off! --|----£324.19----| £606.43 ---- Not all of the above saving tips will apply, but we were able to take advantage of adding an experienced driver, adding mileage to 7,500 miles. This created a saving of £324.19 and I still have the cover I want! voluntary excess of £250 and reducing our annual I Note that savings do not necessarily stack, a new priced based on total risk will be performed each time. I Entering inaccurate or incorrect data may invalidate your policy and your ability to make a claim. Produced by Alex Jenkins

Lower Your Car Insurance

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Our real-life case study saved £324 on his car insurance. Find out the seven steps to took to making his saving.



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