Love/Hate Travel? Join the Debate.

56 minutes i Love/Hate Travel? Join the debate 1/4 The average Briton spends 56 minutes a day on public transport. of commuters have bacteria from faeces on their hands, Did you know... The average Briton's life on public transport based on life expectancy of 77.9 years. 99.9%? You are six times more likely to end up at the doctors with an acute respiratory infection (ARI) if you have recently used a bus or tram. Testa reveal somo hand sanitizors only kill around 60% of germs. 1 in 5 HEALTH & WELLBEING £2.5bn Nearly one in five workers want to work from home but are being prevented from doing so by their employer, says the TUC. The cost, per year, to the economy of so-called "sickies". 4,300 2020 Londoners will die prematurely every year as All new London taxis will be electric by 2020. a result of poor air quality. 3.5m Nearly a quarter of all adults in the UK are obese The number of people who use the fube daily is 3.5m. TAXI Walking one mile in 15 minutes burns about the same number Sponsored by. of calories as running a mile in eight and a half minutes. POwwow A. Univeraity of Norsingham Stuty B. CBI/Plaer Absence and Workplace Health Servey C. The Guardian D. Department of Health, Health Profile of England, 2007, NH3, Walk your way to health, 2007 E. London School ot Hygiene Stady, 2008 F. Mena Healt Magazine Webete G. Ottawa tUniversity Sudy, 2000 H. Workwise UK L BBC News Website J. London Mayor's Air Quality Strategy document

Love/Hate Travel? Join the Debate.

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Traveling by public transportation can be beneficial for the environment while also saving time and money but does using public transportation come at cost? This infographic looks at some of the pros...


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