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A Look Back at the Evolution of Chevy Trucks

A LOOK BACK AT THE EVOLUTION OF CHEVY TRUCKS » 1918 Chevrolet enters the truck market with two 4-cylinder models • 37 horsepower hauls loads at a top speed of 25 mph > 1930 The cowl-chassis models are replaced with factory-built models » Powered by new Chevy inline six-cylinder engines 1937 Chevy aims to lead the truck market in a post-Depression economy » The half-ton pickup averages 20.74 mpg on a cross-country drive 1947 Chevy unveils Advanced Design pickups, completely redesigned after WWII » Feature roomier cabs, better visibility, wider boxes, and improved styling » 1955 All-new Task Force trucks hit the market with optional small-block V8 engine » 4-wheel drive becomes available for the first time 2 years later in 1957 > 1959 The El Camino makes its appearance, with car styling and pickup capability » The last El Caminos are made in 1987 1967 A redesigned exterior profile with a lower silhouette and round wheel openings is unveiled » Small- and big-block V8 options available for torque and horsepower needs HV8 > 1982 Chevy introduces the S-10, the first domestic compact pickup truck » Hauls up to 1,500 pounds and tows up to 4,000 pounds 1988 Chevy aids the pickup truck's transition from jobsite to suburban streets » New trucks are more aerodynamic, fuel-efficient, and still dependable 1999 Chevy introduces the all-new full-size Silverados » Feature a new generation of V8 engines plus interior comfort 2004 Light-duty crew cab Silverados take over the pickup market • Creature comforts make them ideal for work and family 2007 An all-new Silverado with better performance and fuel economy hits » New engines can deactivate cylinders to save gas 2014 The all-new 2015 Colorado will debut in the fall »A bold, midsize pickup that features brains, brawn, and comfort INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: JERRY'S Its Abcut ae! Jerry's Chevrolet Sources: Image sources: udgKU-4FUHBJ GiJrt-C95HQG-NBFEBW-4cogaV-nTs5c2-7SnoA4-4csfYo-9YY4JB-4cogge-vCyLf-ebxg7N-4fiy80-iiKGse-iiL17 a-4FQ24E-ópLnif-vek75-F3chF -3Bcxhp-kJq7cF-naTeY-a [email protected] azxC-7WPBFC-ahBE3G-akyJLv-7ZhqeX-oyXm5-cn3zX1-e9Ar9F-ckb7eY-88AXYS-bCeYtV-aERoKg-9YsBe1-a 8SSgL-KTC50T-a8PJbv-83NFV2-bXdhQt-cnyGvS-cPgwzf-akynpR-cn3BzE-cktuPN-C51DXH-awQBnC-cnyH 7A-dRtjSh-cjY4qs-atiisó-aenzi1-dPt5r5-cktubj-cPgzGq-acGVif-cjY55A-drkbKS-DQRDD5-aen17Y-dNnDt1-d XJLU4-bbNUy4-aentRE-atii9X-dmjYóZ-amUSsY-c83Lhf-asHixL-8XNBUJ aizYND-92U5SR-mA4Wy4-H3MNED-8w5ywj-7U2VYJ-npQfx-a3Rmej-4fiy8o-h79hs -fgqy40 -C83KVD-Bgghan-CAFtpy-hlPSnży-9atHSj-BxKaaB-gvdNyb-3gtY9s-WBCHX-BXK9BR-bwJ&Wi-BxKöve-aqvN aA-84a4Wn-cc4Qs3-BUGADK-drkboA-8xNbt1-9JixTt-aJLPhv-elaEnq-drktD-39DGG2-myvraz-myxFKb-5 SIN3M-myvgDa-5SIGZV-myvNZp-myMmak-myvQpD-myMp4g-62hPew-621PNC-62HN3G-62HMZ7-62HMD W-62hQhs-62HMT9-62dy5H-62dza2-62HNGJ-62HMAQ-62HMXL-62HM8G tp:// -2009.jpg wq2-8EPWPX-8EPwge-7HtaJY-7VUESP-7LHNZX-7LMkq9-7LHodk-miMrc7-fh8Pvx-7LHVP3-7X1SRT-7LHNX P-7LDzbM-7LDAvg-7LMaZw-7LHcKó-7LHD8K-7LHD21-7LHDKP-7LHdex-7LMazd-7LHdoR-7LMB2U-7LHC Nv-7LHYCQ-7LHCWX-7LMA0U-7LHYBH-7LMAKE-7LHdsó-7LDBE6-7LHdbH-7LDAKM-7LHyt3-7LDN4K-7LH nJa-7LHdh2-7LDAM2-7LHxqb-7LHWTJ-7LJakj-7LHxbf-7LM]W7-7LJAPL-7LHXqq-7LHKIU 1-M1MSMG-j1Yy8Y-nizohL-jdgCs8-nqxuB2-nixERT-n5Mója-jdqkRd-koworc-jwSo4G-ipMqxi-njBSdY-m3vA E6-kt52mj-hnqR79-naEWDz-naESu2-naERUe-mdUYSM-DNXURD-dNxVck-hnnóTa-n59xq5-nzKaBa-nzJC ey-gbx498-nabpNm-nhmb5F-nhorSh-nfiKSj-nh4V7d-nj7A4B-nhos5b-nháUT7-nhmbrH-kyxoHK-gmFq9P -gtv9X7-gmEfRU-nikócv-KMFSML-naGG3h-naECBK-naGALF-naEvdr

A Look Back at the Evolution of Chevy Trucks

shared by BrittSE on Jun 21
The all-new 2015 Chevrolet Colorado will make its debut in the fall! This truck is a bold, midsize pickup that features brains, brawn, and comfort—everything a driver needs. Find more facts about ne...


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