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Let the train take the strain

LETTING THE TRAIN TAKE THE STRAIN BEIJING-GUANGZHOU, THE WORLD'S LONGEST HIGH-SPEED RAILWAY The drawbar power of the CRH380A(L) reaches 20,00ó KW, and the train takes less than 4 300 200 865% 90% minutes to reach 300 km/h. CRH: 8 hours Yuan Current journey time: 20 hours Kilometers per hour, top speed Number of tunnels the train will use Percentage of Chinese population that will be covered by 2020 Price of second-class tickets 10 20 CRH380A(L) East to West 176 - Qingdao- Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan Xuzhou-Zhengzhou- Lanzhou Shanghai-Nanjing-Wuhan- Chongqing-Chengdu Shanghai-Hangzhou-Nanchang- Changsha-Kunming Number of trains for the line, mainly the CRH380A(L) and CRH2C models North to South Beijing-Shenyang-Harbin (Dalian) Beijing-Wuhan-Guangzhou- Shenzhen (Hong Kong) Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo-Fuzhou- Shenzhen Beijing-Shanghai Harbin LENGTH OF EACH LINE 120,000 km 906 km 1,346 km By 2020 China plans to have a rail network of 120,000 km, connecting all provincial capitals and cities with populations of more than 500,000. 1,922 km 2,264 km 1,318 km Shenyang 1,612 km BEIJING 2,350 km 1,650 km Dalian Tianjin CRH2C Taiyuan WORLD ON SPEED Shijiazhuang COMPARISON OF GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS BY TRAVEL MODE KILOMETERS OF HSR TRACKS GLOBALLY Qingdao Lanzhou Unit: Grams of carbon dioxide per passenger-kilometer 2009 10,700 2011 17,700 Zhengzhou Xuzhou 170g TOTAL NUMBER OF PLANNED HSR KILOMETERS Xi'an China 13,539 150g Spain 5,525 France 14,722 Nanjing 30-70g Japan |3,625 Shanghai Turkey Germany 2,424 Wuhan Hangzhou | 2,333 Chengdu By 2014, high-speed trains will be operating in 24 countries. At present, 14 countries use HSR trains. Other European | 5,189 Americas 2,088 Ningbo Middle East 1,705 14 24 Chongqing Other Asian |1,487 2011 2014 Highest proportion of high-speed rail travel in Europe. Volume of passengers using HSR in Europe Japan, where both air and high-speed rail connections are available Fuzhou Nanchang Changsha 50% France 23% 1990 62% 2011 75% of market share Xiamen Kunming Guiyang NUMBER OF HIGH-SPEED TRAINS | 494 | 406 3,700 France Number of high-speed trains globally by 2015 China 359 Japan Germany Spain Shantou Guangzhou | 350 1203 Shenzhen Source: Vital Signs, International Union of Railways, Xinhua GUILLERMO MUNRO / CHINA DAILY

Let the train take the strain

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Yesterday the longest high speed rail line was put in to service. a commute that would last 20 hours is cut short of 8. Some numbers on the line that opens, existing and in progress and how the world ...


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