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The Largest Public Transportation Metro Systems in the World

The Largest Metro Systems in The World, By The Numbers Billion Ten million Key # of Annual Journeys City's Population Density Extremely Higho Higho Medium o Low Hundred million Million Tokyo O System Length (In Miles) Tokyo Metro - Toei Subway- Yurikamome Transit- Rinkai Line 206 68 121 O # of Annual Journeys 3,636,000,000 O City's Population Density 600 Yen ($5.49) 16,121.8/sq. mi Tokyo Metro 24-Hour Ticket Parts of the system employ oshiya, or pushers, to help shove more people onto the train. Beijing O System Length (In Miles) 357 Capen g ga O# of Annual Journeys 3,410,000,000 O City's Population Density 2 Yuan ($0.30) A journey on one line 3,400/sq. mi JRE JUL ABA Shanghai O System Length (In Miles) 0 365 O# of Annual Journeys 2,830,000,000 O City's Population Density 20 Yuan ($3.00) 9.900/sq. mi A public transportation card Shanghai is the longest subway system in the world by route length. 5678 Seoul SMRT -o System Length (In Miles) Seoul Subway- Korail- Shinbundang Line- 302 19 77 206 O* of Annual Journeys 2,661,000,000 透 O City's Population Density 1,350 Won ($1.20) 42,000/sq. mi A single journey ticket with Seoul Subway Moscow O System Length (In Miles) 215 O# of Annual Journeys 2,451,000,000 O City's Population Density 32 Rubles ($0.55) Single metro ride 14,800/sq. mi This system is regarded as the most beautiful in the world, with some trains that display replicas of famous works of art inside. Guangzhou O System Length (In Miles) 192 O # of Annual Journeys 2,280,000,000 O City's Population Density 2 Yuan ($0.30) 4,900/sq. mi A journey on one line New York City MTA O System Length (In Miles) 236 O# of Annual Journeys 1,785,000,000 -o City's Population Density $2.75 Single subway local bus, 28,210/sq. mi and select bus fare This system has the most number of stations in the world: 472. Mexico City O System Length (In Miles) 141 O# of Annual Journeys 1,614,000,000 O City's Population Density 5 Pesos ($0.28) Single metro ticket 16,000/sq. mi Hong Kong Shanahen L F I enchen Lane 1 -o System Length (In Miles) Fu Tian H Fanlung 109 Lok Ma ChauFutian Port) Tal Pe Mar O* of Annual Journeys 1,548,000,000 ng Png New Territores a City's Population Density 4.5 Hong Kong Dollars ($0.58) Typical price of single journey fare (depends on distance) 16,948/sq. mi A Chuna Kateen Cabie Car Ve AaKLOHAS Par Tem Sha Ngang Png 3 we C y Wan He Ka, , caal A A Hang a Chuan Hong Kong leland Le Tuna Paris O System Length (In Miles) 133 O # of Annual Journeys 1,526,000,000 - O City's Population Density 1.90 Euros ($2.26) Paris Metro single ticket 55,000/sq. mi "Metro" originates from “Paris Metropolitan." London O System Length (In Miles) 250 # of Annual Journeys 1,357,000,000 O City's Population Density 2.40 pounds ($3.09) 14,500/sq. mi Zone 1 single journey ticket, with an oyster card It's the world's oldest underground system, opening in 1890. Cairo O System Length (In Miles) 48 O# of Annual Journeys 1,314,000,000 o City's Population Density 2 Egyptian Pounds ($0.11) 50,180/sq. mi A one trip ticket São Paulo System Length (In Miles) Ca Fra M 48 enen dee O* of Annual Journeys 895,600,000 a City's Population Density 3.80 Real ($1.20) One unit ticket 20,495/sq. mi Berlin O System Length (In Miles) 94 # of Annual Journeys 430,700,000 O City's Population Density 2.80 Euros ($3.34) A single fare in AB zones 11,000/sq. mi Dubai syngi o Dubaimetro System Length (In Miles) 46 O# of Annual Journeys 118,571,429 -O City's Population Density 2 United Arab Emirates Dirham ($0.54) Red ticket 898.2/sq. mi Source papers-fi- les/UITP-Statistic%20Brief-Metro-A4-WEB_0 pdf htm of_metro_systems 830-million-riders http://cairometro gov eg/UIPages/Statistics.ospx https://www.chinahighlights .com http://troika.mos ru/en/tariffs/table/ http://www.tokyometrojp https://englishvisitkorea.or kr ting-facts-about-the-worlds-metro-systems?utm term= eeXP3z6LD# vf JxYkOge Free to copy, share, publish, and distribute Next Stop but please cite the creators: planes-trains-and-automobiles/largest-metro-systems-in-the-world/ ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------. ---------- T 目 1 मगा 自

The Largest Public Transportation Metro Systems in the World

shared by jmcneely109 on Nov 22
We've created a list of the metro systems that provide the highest number of annual journeys, with the widest networks of stops and trains, and all the data related to them. Check out the fun facts!


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