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LA/2B How We Move

LA/2B The road ahead. www.LA2B.ORG OUR MOBILITY CURRENT POPULATION. NUMBER O REGISTERED CARS: HOLLYWOGD 3.8 14.7% MILLION RESIDENTS HOW WE COMMUTE: MILL OUR COMMUNITY CARPOOL LOS ANGELES COVERS 468.7 65.7% street use and how we get around in the city we call home. LA/2B is an opportunity to discuss what works and what doesn't, ask tough questions and propose creative, economically viable solutions. Take a look and consider where you fit into our mobility landscape. Visit to learn more and be part of LA's road ahead. LA/2B HOW WE MOVE PUBLIC MILESE ANSPO DRIVING SOLO Welcome to LA/2B, an invitation for Angelenos to reimagine our 3.6% WALK 0.9% 1.5% COMMUTING IN LOS ANGELES: 14.7% CARPOOL Ridesharing might be the surest way to beat the 405 without getting around in a presidential motorcade. Using carpool lanes can cut your total commute time by a third. ANGELENOS DRIVE 21 miles 65.7% SOLO CAR get pricey fast, as much as $625 a month. That's the cost of about 150 lattes. A solo car commute can PER CAPITA DAILY AVERAGE ONE WAY COMMUTER TRIP: 19miles Walking daily is a proven upper Not only can it help you keep a positive outlook, but it can also make you feel (and look) younger. 3.6% WALK AGGREGATEV Best perk of a hands-free commute? More time to read on write-while you travel to and from the office. Hop on the bus, train or subway and get those creative juices flowing. 11.2% PUB TRANS ED IN COMMIes 1,219,285 OUR CITY COMMUTING TIME: Rev up your motorcycle, or hail a cab. There are lots of other ways to travel from point A to point B. 1.5% OTHER MEANS 0.9% BIKE There are 325 days of sunshine in Los Angeles every year. That's 325 reasons to start pedaling. FUTURE TOTAL RAIL MILES: 84 METRO METRO BUS MILES IN SERVICE'= 3,665 miles BIKE LANES + PATHS + BIKEWAYS'= 352 miles MILES CAR: TRANSPORTATION: 44 minutes RAIL MILES IN SERVICE'=73 27 minutes SAN FRANCISCO OF PUBLIC STREETS'= 6,500. MILES OF FREEWAY'= 181 36.0% CHICAGO 7.9% HOW OTHER MAJOR CITIES COMPARE3 31.6% 50.2% NEW YORK 24.5% 9.4% SOLO CAR: 22.7% CARPOOL: 5.0% PUB TRANS: 55.1% OTHER: 17.2% 26.2% 14.2% A LADOT FUTURE TOTAIL BIKEWAYS=1,684 Meving les Angeles Ferward GOOD Te Cty of LAngeles tamportaton LACN 010 cycle PanLADCP Lommunity Sunvy y

LA/2B How We Move

shared by judithgold on Jan 25
This infographic presented by LA/2B takes a look at how people in L.A commute. It shows what form of transportation people use in L.A and the average commute time




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