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Keep Your Car on the Straight and Narrow with Alignment Services

KEEP YOUR CAR ON THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW WITH ALIGNMENT SERVICES IGNORING ALIGNMENT SERVICES MEANS A ROCKY ROAD FOR VOUR CAR POOR FUEL ECONOMY INCREASED BRAKING DISTANCE IN WET WEATHER Misalignments can decrease fuel efficiency by 7% At 60 mph, a car that is not aligned may need 9 car lengths to stop EXCESSIVE WEAR ON VOUR TIRES Every inch that your car is out of alignment is like dragging your tires 100 feet sideways YOUR ALIGNMENT MAY NEED ATTENTION IE YOU NOTICE THESE SIGNS Your steering wheel isn't centered when your car is going straight You feel like your car is pulling in one direction You see abnormal spots of wear and tear on your tires Your steering wheel doesn't move into a straight position after you turn You seem to need gas more often than normal Your car feels like it isn't stable when you're driving PUT ALIGNMENT SERVICES ON YOUR PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE LIST Most cars should have their alignments checked at least once per year You may need an alignment after hitting a pothole or curb Have your alignment checked if you experience any symptoms of an issue Consider having alignments performed whenever you get your tires rotated Older cars need more frequent alignments because of wear and tear on rubber parts and socket joints PROVIDED BY: WALT'S $SERVICE DANVILLE Complete Auto Service Since 1970 WALTSDANVILLESERVICE.COM SOURCES: your-car-needs-an-alignment everything-you-need-to-know-about-wheel-alignment/ OOO O0 0000C O000

Keep Your Car on the Straight and Narrow with Alignment Services

shared by BrittSE on Jan 18
Bad vehicle alignment can wear out your tires quickly, but fixing your alignment can solve the problem. Take a look at this infographic and learn what alignment services can do for you.


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