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James Bond: All His Awesome Cars

WHICH BOND CAR DRIVES TICKET SALES? PRESENTED BY Carloan James Bond evokes British style and suave, and over the years his cars have done the same. From mid range sports cars to the famous Aston Martin DB5, they have been laden with high tech gadgetry and fearlessly driven. 50 years on from the first Bond film: Dr. No, we take a look at the cars 007 has had the pleasure to drive and look at which cars sell movie tickets. Position of the car denotes gross film takings. All costings take into account current inflation rates. $0 $100m $200m $300m $400m $500m $600m $700m $800m $900m $1b $1.1b 1962 Dr. No $440,759,072 Million Top Speed 98.6mph 1961 Sunbeam Alpine Series I| Cost New: $29,969 1963 From Russia with Love $576,277,964 Million Top Speed 90mph 1935 Bentley 3.5 Litre Cost New: $364,048 1964 Goldfinger $912,257,512 Million Top Speed 143mph 1963 Aston Martin DB5 Cost New: $107,834 1965 Thunderball $1,014,941,117 Million Top Speed 143mph 1963 Aston Martin DB5 Cost New: $107,834 1967 You Only Live Twice $756,544,419 Million Top Speed 135mph 1967 Toyota 2000 GT Cost New: $63,194 1969 On Her Majesty's Secret Service $505,899,782 Million 1968 Aston Martin DBS Vantage Cost New: $102,638 Top Speed 140mph 1971 Diamonds Are Forever $648,514,469 Million Top Speed 114mph 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Cost New: $25,523 1973 Live and Let Die Top Speed 45mph $825,110,761 Million 1947 AEC Regent III Double Decker Bus Cost New: - 1974 The Man with the Golden Gun Top Speed 101mph $448,249,281 Million 1974 AMC Hornet X Cost New: $15,934 1977 The Spy Who Loved Me $692,713,752 Million Top Speed 133mph 1977 Lotus Esprit S1 Cost New: $68,763 1979 Moonraker $655,872,400 Million Top Speed 100mph 1974 Jeep Cherokee Cost New: $31,988 1981 For Your Eyes Only $486,468,881 Million Top Speed 150mph 1980 Lotus Esprit Turbo Cost New: $109,940 1983 Octopussy $426,244,352 Million 1980 Range Rover Convertible Cost New: $53,015 Top Speed 96mph 1985 A View to a Kill $321,172,633 Million Top Speed 102.5mph 1983 Renault 11 Taxi Cost New: $22,128 1987 The Living Daylights $381,088,866 Million Top Speed 160mph 1985 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante Cost New: $355,757 1989 Licence to Kill $285,157,191 Million Top Speed 85mph 1986 Kenworth W-900 Truck Cost New: - 1995 GoldenEye $529,548,711 Million Top Speed 120.5mph 1995 BMW Z3 Roadster Cost New: $55,440 1997 Tomorrow Never Dies $478,946,402 Million Top Speed 128mph 1997 BMW 750IL E38 Cost New: $128,908 1999 The World is Not Enough $491,617,153 Million Top Speed 155.4mph 1999 BMW Z8 E52 Cost New: $169,846 2002 Die Another Day $543,639,638 Million Top Speed 190mph 2002 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish Cost New: $300,000 2006 Casino Royale $669,789,482 Million Top Speed 191mph 2006 Aston Martin DBS V12 Cost New: $300,000 2008 Quantum of Solace $622,246,378 Million Top Speed 191mph 2008 Aston Martin DBS V12 Cost New: $265,846 TO SUMMARISE... Aston Martin DB5 Lotus returns as British Manufacturer The 3 year long reign of BMW Switch back to Aston Martin $1,000,000,000 $800,000,000 $600,000,000 $400,000,000 $200,000,000 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 Year of Film Release $9,000,000,000 $8,000,000,000 $7,000,000,000 $6,000,000,000 - $5,000,000,000 $4,000,000,000 S3,000,000,000 - S2,000,000,000 - $1,000,000,000 $0 British American German Japanese French Nationality of Car Bond's at his best when he's driving British BOND'S BESTS (BOTH BRITISH) Fastest Car "Now will you need collision coverage?" Most Expensive Car "Do be careful 007." Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante The Living Daylights (1987-Timothy Dalton) 2008 Aston Martin DBS Quantum of Solace (2008-Daniel Craig) Cost New: Top Speed: 191mph 0- 60: 4.3 seconds $355,757 (using RPI) OWNING A BIT OF 007 Cars sold at Auction Make and Model Aston Martin DB5 Lotus Esprit S1 Lotus Esprit Turbo Film Goldfinger The Spy Who Loved Me For Your Eyes Only $4.1m $171,538 $210,000 Cost SKYFALL Skyfall sees the return of the iconic Aston Martin DB5. 2012 Skyfall 1963 Aston Martin DB5 Cost New: $107,834 Top Speed: 143mph With Connery behind the wheel the DB5 drove the franchise to new heights, will Craig repeat the feat? Style icon Astan Martin List of James Bond Vohicles - Intemet Movie Cars Database - History o James Bond 1900-72 Aston Martin DSv- www.classicandperformancocar com 1971 Fond Mustan0 - howstuftworks com Lotus Esprit S1- James Bond's Latus Esprit S1 - Latum Enpt Turto-www.u 100 Range ove carloan UMW za- uera bemcom. 1997 BMW7Saries-www.uton Dollar Exchange Rate st Cars infographic] - a great deal made simple OUh-www.autO Jnse ong te at a - Total Film Revenue (Inflation adjusted) Film Gross (Inflation adjusted) NZ

James Bond: All His Awesome Cars

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Forget Ursula Andress, Halle Berry and Denise Richards. It’s all about Lotus, Aston Martin and BMW. In addition to the most beautiful women, James Bond is always guaranteed to have the sweetest, mos...


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