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Interesting & Fun Facts about Cars

FUN CAR FACTS Automobiles People Are Three Times as are the most recycled Likely to Buy Used consumer product in the world Than New Stolen cars have The average American approximately a spends about 38 hours 60-65 percent recovery rate a year stuck in traffic AMERICAS TOP 10 WEBSITES TO BUY CARS ONLINE Autotempest e eBay * Craigsy A A Craigslist A Bring a Trailer A Enthusiast e Hemmings forums A A AutoTrader The average person spends 2 weeks of their rtire life waiting at red lights TOP 10 COUNTRIES TO PRODUCE CARS 16.6 Million CHINA 7.85 Million JAPAN 5.43 Million GERMANY 4.54 Million USA 4.16 Million SOUTH KOREA 3.21 Million INDIA 2.80 Million BRAZIL 1.84 Million SPAIN 1.82 Million MEXICO 1.80 Million RUSSIA The no of motor vechicles per 1000 people in china is 69 CHINA The average car has 30,000 parts There are approximately 300 million cars on the road in America Number of cars sold worldwide from 1990 to 2014 1990 2014 72.23 millions TOP 10 CAR BRANDS LAMBORGHINI BMW Lamborghini Mercedes Audi Ferrari PORSCHEe Ford BUGATTI Porsche Ford Honda Volkswagen Bugatti If drive non-stop at 60KM per hour, it will take 157 days to drive to moon Dos and Don'ts of Safe Driving: Do follow the speed limits Do always wear your seat belt Do take care of all traffic rules Don't Drive Drunk zzZ Don't Drive Drowsy AA Don't Follow Too Closely MYTHS ABOUT CARS THAT COST YOU Laundry detergents make a good car wash Premium fuel makes your non-premium car run better Constantly repair your car, even if it doesnt need it You need to change your oil every 3,000 miles. Or never change it at all. Keep your doors unlocked so you can be rescued easier in an accident Hiding behind a car will protect you from gunfire SOURCES : echieSense

Interesting & Fun Facts about Cars

shared by parampreetchanana on Aug 07
This infographic shows Interesting Facts about Cars with some fun facts. Dos and Don'ts shown in infographic with myths which affect look and performance of car. Have a look at this and share your vie...






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