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Infographic highlights biking, walking in Twin Cities

By many accounts and reports, the Twin Cities is one of the best places in the country to bike and walk. Thanks to well over 100 miles of bike lanes and trails, the most bike parking per capita in the country and a culture rooted in the great outdoors, the Twin Cities is one of the best places to get around on two wheels or two legs. bike.walk. MOVE BIKING + WALKING IN THE TWIN CITIES 33% BIKING AND 17% WALKING 30% Percentage biking increased from 2007 to 2010 Percentage walking increased from 2007 to 2010 INCREASED 30% ACROSS UP 148 PERCENT Combined Sabo Bridge and Hiawatha light-rail crossing (Southeast Minneapolis) UP 95 PERCENT Riverside Avenue, east of Cedar Ave. (southeast of downtown Minneapolis) THE TWIN CITIES FROM 2007 TO 2010 UP 96 PERCENT UP 89 PERCENT Bridge #9 over the Mississippi River (between the Minneapolis Seven Corners area and the Cedar Lake Trail, under l-394 (west Minneapolis) WOMANPOWER UP 90 PERCENT University of Minnesota) Riverside Avenue, east of Cedar Ave. (southeast of downtown Minneapolis) UP 30 PERCENT Hennepin Avenue Bridge over Mississippi River (downtown Minneapolis) 31% OF CYCLISTS IN THE TWIN CITIES ARE WOMEN 30% INCREASE 26% 55% IN PARTICIPATION IN JUNE BIKE WALK WEEK FROM OF CYCLISTS IN THE OF U.S. CYCLISTS ARE NETHERLANDS ARE WOMEN WOMEN 2010 TO 2011 AND FROM 2009 TO 2010 NATIONALLY, BIKING TRIPS INCREASED from 1.7 billion in 1990 to 4 billion in 2009, according to the National Bicycling & Walking Study of the U.S. Department of Transportation. 1990 2009 1.7 BILLION 4 BILLION WINTERBIKING TAKE A NICE RIDE ARE YOU SERIOUS? NICE RIDE MINNESOTA Number of "Nice Rides" in 2010 100,817 74% Number of "Nice Rides" in 2011 156,000 19% (as of Sept. 2011) of people who walk continue walking through winter TOP NICE RIDE STATIONS: IDS, St. Anthony Main, YMCA Downtown of bicyclists continue to ride in winter months Total number of Nice Ride stations across Minneapolis/ Saint Paul (as of Sept. 2011) 109 (Dec-Feb.; Average temp on days that were counted: 13). NICE RIDE SUBSCRIBERS: FEMALE 47% MPLS ST. PAUL A GREAT PLACE TO BIKE MALE: 53% (dramatically different from last year: Male: 62%; Female: 38%) 3,834 Number of ONE-YEAR SUBSCRIBERS (as of Sept. 2011) Bike Walk Twin Cities will have supported the addition of more than 75 miles BIKE SAFETY: OF NEW BIKEWAYS and SIDEWALKS in the Twin Cities BY THE NUMBERS IN MINNEAPOLIS Decline in 20% average yearly bicycle crashes DECREASE since 2000 4.5 miles the length of the longest Bike Boulevard in the state In the number of residents (Bryant Ave. Bike Boulevard) +100% who 6,500 commute by bike between 2003-2007 INCREASE NUMBER OF BIKES THAT CROSS THE UNIVERSITY'S COST OF WASHINGTON AVE. BIKING OR VWALKING BRIDGE EACH DAY vs. OTHER MODES OF *each bike visually TRANSPORTATION represents 1,000 League of American Bicyclists' Bicycle Friendly America rankings by state - TOP 10: $250 6. lowa 7. Florida 8. Oregon 9. Massachusetts 10. Maryland 1. Washington 2. Maine 3. Wisconsin 4. MINNESOTA $680 5. New Jersey THE CITY OF MINNEAPOLIS $1,810 HAS MOST BICYCLE PARKING PER CAPITA IN THE U.S. 1,100 distance of bike ride Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar took with her father from Minneapolis to the Grand Tetons while she was in college. $8,776 MILES *costs based annually BIKING GLOSSARY Advisory Bike Lanes: These lanes delineate space for bicyclists (by using dashed, instead of solid, lines for the bike lanes) where there isn't enough pavement to accommodate both cars and bicyclists. $670 MILLION COST OF PROPOSED BRIDGE OVER ST. CROIX RIVER AT STILLWATER Bicycle traffic signal: Minnesota's first bicycle traffic signal is part of the new 5th Street NE bicycle boulevard in Northeast Minneapolis. $172 MILLION Bicycle boulevard: Usually seen on residential streets, bicycle boulevards COST OF NEW BLVD 494/HIGHWAY 169 INTERCHANGE include such features as medians at major intersections, curb extensions and pedestrian "refuge islands" to aid street crossings. Bike boxes: Also known as an "advance box", bike boxes allow cyclists to be more visible at complex intersections and to safely pull ahead of cars waiting for the light to change. $28 MILLION BIKE WALK TWIN CITIES PILOT PROGAM TO INCREASE BICYCLING Bike Walk Move is a campaign supported and organized by Bike Walk Twin Cities. AND WALKING Sources: Bike Walk Twin Cities, Nice Ride MN, City of Minneapolis, League of American Bicyclists, U.S. Department of Transportation

Infographic highlights biking, walking in Twin Cities

shared by rmmojado on Dec 28
This is an infographic that focuses not only on bicycling and walking–but on bicycling and walking in the Twin Cities.


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