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Hyundai's Transformation

Hyundai's Transformation HYUNDAI THEN HYUNDAI NOW Qurnew3-door It looks like amillionbut COosts $995005 less Hyundai has one of the largest production In2004, Hyundai built a large production facility in Alabama, Stock Prices in Won from 1992-2012 250000 facilitiesin Ulsan, Koréa 200000 150000 ll facebook. Hyundai employed 100000 over 75,000 50000 Most popular age group is 18- people worldwide. 24. Peopletalking about this: 6041 Global Unit Sales Hyundai vehicles are Total likes: 306,740 sold in 193 countries and more than 6,000 1990 2011 General comments are saying dealers' showrooms. 1 million 4 million they are happy to switch to Hyundai from other brands and they really like the new designs. Growth in Model line From 2010 to 2011, Hyundai operating profit rose by 36% Hyundai has six over sea plants in the U.S., India, China, Turkey, the Czech republic and 1968 2012 16 Russia Hyundai's domesticmarket share on2011 Hyundai's global sales Hyundai I Hyundai Motor- Motor Group $98.86B 25 IGeneral Motors- $150.28B Others Honda 75 $107.84B This Infographic was prepared by Vince Zhou and Basil Benny for Professor Sources biblwortdwtk hunda.comW marakentewProfk actankhtd biwww.cmatnb.come anslarowreatibram bi ubmedlalno01109slyunid-mokr n-kexenedeekomenl biwotdwt moraeentew Hlsklex ht aonknD7. biuwww.Jumnakroosl.omumatre20120I2Raskoreernantatmokr Johnson'sSocial Media Innovation course at Temple U. Fox School of Business. Social Media Http://bit ly/mis3538 Innovation

Hyundai's Transformation

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Hyundai started to sell cars in the U.S. since 1986. For a little over 2 decades, this Korean car company grew faster than any other car firms that we have seen. In such short period of time, they mad...


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