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The Hyperloop

TT PROPOSING A FIFTH MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: THE HYPERLOOP ABOUT THE HYPERLOOP JOINS HIGH TRAFFIC CITY PAIRS LESS THAN 90O MILES APART SAN FRANCISCO A HIGH SUBSONIC SPEEDS SELF-POWERED LOS ANGELES FOR PASSENGERS AND CARGO OR VEHICLES THE OVERVIEW 40 SEALED CAPSULES 88 CARRIES UP TO 28 PASSENGERS O DEPARTS EVERY 2 MINUTES SUPPORTED BY AIR BEARINGS THE CAPSULE ACCELERATED BY PROPULSION SYSTEM PARALLEL TUBES TRAVELING IN BOTH DIRECTIONS SOLAR PANELS ON TOP THE TUBES FLEXIBLE DURING EARTHQUAKES 100 PYLONS EVERY 100 FEET BUILT IN MEDIAN OF MAJOR HIGHWAYS THE PYLONS ACCELERATES CAPSULE FROM 0-300 MPH ACCELERATES CAPSULE FROM 300-760 MPH DECELERATE BACK DOWN TO 300 MPH THE PROPULSION SYSTEM THE HYPERLOOP R OUTE SEARCH IMAGES MAPS VIDEOS LOS ANGELES TO SAN FRANCISCO • STOCKTON く OAKLAND 395 MODESTO Section: I-5 Speed: 760 mph Time: 1,083 seconds Distance: 227 miles • SAN JOSE Watsonville Section: I-580 into San Francisco CALIFORNIA 101 Speed: 555 mph Time: 616 seconds Distance: 73.9 miles Section: Los Angeles Grapevine South Section: Los Angeles Grapevine North Speed: 300 mph Time: 167 seconds Distance: 13.4 miles Speed: 555 mph Time: 268 seconds Distance: 40 miles 15 LANCASTER Santa Barbara 101 215 LOS ANGELES RIVERSIDE GET DIRECTIONS SUGGESTED ROUTE HYPERLOOP DIRECTIONS TO SAN FRANCISCO, CA A Los Angeles Grapevine South section B Los Angeles Grapevine North seotion Hyperloop 354.3 mi, 35 minutes C I-5 section D I-580 into San Francisco seotion Buy hyperloop ticket for $20 ALTERNATIVE ROUTES Ride hyperloop at 760 mph By Car - 5 hours, 7 minutes Arrive in San Francisco By Bus - 10 hours, 22 mins By Plane - 1 hour 20 mins ADDITIONAL LOCATIONS Boston NEW YORK 130 miles NEVADA Sacramento 216 miles San Francisco Las Vegas New York City CALIFORNIA PENNSYLVANIA 265 miles 226 miles Los Angeles 160 miles Washington D.C. O San Diego THE COSTS TOTAL COST OF THE HYPERLOOP PASSENGER TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM COMPONENT COST CMILLION USD) CAPSULE $54 (40 CAPSULES) CAPSULE STRUCTURE & DOORS 9.8 INTERIOR & SEATS 10.2 COMPRESSOR & PLUMBING 11 BATTERIES & ELECTRONICS 6 PROPULSION 5 SUSPENSION & AIR BEARINGS COMPONENTS ASSEMBLY TUBE $5,410 TUBE CONSTRUCTION 650 PYLON CONSTRUCTION 2550 TUNNEL CONSTRUCTION 600 PROPULSION 140 SOLAR PANELS & BATTERIES 210 STATION & VACUUM PUMPS 260 PERMITS & LAND 1000 COST MARGIN $536 TOTAL $6,000,000,000 TOTAL COST OF THE HYPERLOOP PASSENGER PLUS VEHICLE TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM COMPONENT COST CMILLION USD) CARGO CAPSULE $30.5 C20 CAPSULES) CAPSULE STRUCTURE & DOORS 5.5 INTERIOR & SEATS 3.7 COMPRESSOR & PLUMBING BATTERIES, MOTOR & ELECTRONICS PROPULSION SUSPENSION & AIR BEARINGS 5.3 COMPONENTS ASSEMBLY PASSENGER ONLY CAPSULE $40.5 C30 CAPSULES) CAPSULE STRUCTURE & DOORS 7.4 INTERIOR & SEATS 7.6 COMPRESSOR & PLUMBING 8.2 BATTERIES, MOTOR & ELECTRONICS 4.5 PROPULSION 3.8 SUSPENSION & AIR BEARINGS COMPONENTS ASSEMBLY TUBE $7,000 TUBE CONSTRUCTION 1200 PYLON CONSTRUCTION 3150 TUNNEL CONSTRUCTION 700 PROPULSION 200 SOLAR PANELS & BATTERIES 490 STATION & VACUUM PUMPS 260 PERMITS & LAND 1000 COST MARGIN $429 TOTAL $7,500,000,000 THE HYPERLOOP CALIFORNIA HIGH-SPEED RAIL FLY CRLIronOR VS. $17,000,000/mile Total: $6 billion $131,000,000/mile Total: $68 billion Earthquake resistant Susceptible to earthquakes 700+ MPH 200 MPH $20 ticket $50-$100 ticket 35 minute trip 2.5 hour trip The already planned and proposed CHSR COSTS 8X MORE per mile than the cheaper, safer, and faster Hyperloop THE MAN BEHIND THE MADNESS pbezk tpundr Ar out Air in 0,2 kyff T- 292 K Ar Coafect Intercol Wate fasevar NAME: ELON MUSK EDUCATION: University of Pennsylvania Degrees in economics and physics COMPANIES: Zip2: Co-Founder PayPal: Co-Founder SpaceX: Founder/CEO Tesla Motors: Co-Founder & head of product design SolarCity: Largest shareholder and chairman The Hyperloop FAMILY: 5 boys - 2 twins and 3 triplets NET HORTH: $7.7 Billion Sources Wikipedia Teslamotors CElonMusk Webpage FX

The Hyperloop

shared by WebpageFX on Sep 25
Imagine traveling at nearly 800mph! The Hyperloop will get you to San Francisco from LA in just 35 minutes!



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