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Hows The Fastest Cars In The World Differ From Your Clunker

How the FASTEST CARS World Differ from CLUNKER NASCAR Vs Street Car NASCAR That NASCAR race car zooming around the racetrack may look like your car, but the resemblance ends there. GASOLINE What is the difference between winning and losing? FUEL! High-compression NASCAR engines BURN 110-OCTANE GASOLINE. LEADED Used at NASCAR Allows for Fuel additives lead to cleaner CARBURETORS races for almost FAST 50 YEARS ACCELERATION AND VALVES UNDER THE HOOD Major auto manufacturers, like Dodge, provide the engine block and cylinder head. Parts are machined and balanced to exact NASCAR Unlike the street car, NASCAR engines are designed for winning races, not fuel efficiency. measurements. YOU WON'T FIND ANY TURBOCHARGERS IN A NASCAR RACE CAR. WHAT WILL YOU FIND? A whopping 5.87-liter engine that No mufflers or catalytic converters Customized engine blocks and heads generates over 300 horsepower to slow exhaust down All No fuel I injectors Programmable ignition systems for subsystems are designed to run at maximum IT more power speed and temperature TIRES MAKE A DIFFERENCE VS The tires your street car uses are VERY DIFFERENT from those on a race car. Race cars need multiple NASCARS use tires made Track conditions and high from a soft compound that grips the track but wears out easily. speeds can cause blown- out tires, something that rarely occurs with street tire changes, unlike a street car's annual tire changes. cars. Pit crews fill race car tires with NITROGEN, not air, to help with track conditions and tire temperatures, Using nitrogen can change the moisture content and level out humidity. DIFFERENT INSIDE AND OUT A NASCAR CHASSIS is custom built with a highly structured shell on top. Aerofoils and spoilers are added to the front competitors from using All seats but the driver's are removed A few races forbid and rear of cars. high-tech gadgets. from the car's interior. Seatbelts are designed with a Side windows are replaced by WINDOW NETS to protect drivers from flying debris. 5- тO 6-РOINT HARNESS SYSTEM. » » • • • • • • • paris-rouen_jace Sources

Hows The Fastest Cars In The World Differ From Your Clunker

shared by kcatoto on Jan 24
A racecar might look like the sedan sitting in your driveway, but there are several major components that make them dramatically different. From the type of fuel used to how the tires are made, there�...


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