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How The Trucking Industry Can Save Billions of Gallons of Fuel Per Year

SUSTAINABLE - AMERICA - IDLE SOLUTIONS: HOW THE TRUCKING INDUSTRY CAN SAVE BILLIONS OF GALLONS OF FUEL PER YEAR Long-haul truck drivers work long hours transporting goods around the country. When they're on the road, commercial motor vehicle drivers must follow these HOS regulations: • Drivers using the sleeper berth provision must take at least 8 consecutive hours in the sleeper berth. • Plus a separate 2 consecutive hours either in the sleeper berth, off duty or any combination of the two. • Or they may drive a maximum of 11 hours after 10 consecutive hours off duty. GAS AFTER A FULL DAY OF DRIVING, DRIVERS NEED TO EAT RELAX CONNECT SLEEP STAY WARM KEEP COOL HOW DO MOST TRUCKERS POWER EVERYTHING THEY NEED? BY IDLING THEIR ENGINES ONE LONG-HAUL COMBINATION TRUCK IDLES OVERNIGHT OFTEN BETWEEN 5 AND 8 HOURS PER DAY, OVER 300 DAYS PER YEAR, COSTING: 1,200 GAL OF DIESEL 33,570 LBS OF CO? $5,640 WASTED PER YEAR PER YEAR PER YEAR ... AND THERE ARE 1.7 MILLION TRUCKERS EMPLOYED IN THE U.S., WHICH MEANS 2 BILLION GALLONS OF DIESEL PER YEAR IS WASTED ON IDLING THERE ARE MORE EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS AUTOMATIC IDLE SHUTDOWN SYSTEMS Trucks can be programmed to shut down after a certain amount of time. Extreme temperatures will override the program. AUXILIARY POWER UNITS (APUS) APUS can run on diesel, propane, a battery that recharges when the truck is moving-and even solar energy. TRUCK STOP ELECTRIFICATION (TSE) Similar to hookups at RV parks, TSE allows trucks to power everything they need from an external power source. Some systems require special wiring and equipment. Others provide everything through a console that fits through the window frame. U.S. TRUCK STOP ELECTRIFICATION LOCATIONS U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION ESTIMATES THERE ARE ABOUT 5,000 TRUCK STOPS IN THE UNITED STATES BUT ONLY ABOUT 2% OFFER ELECTRIFICATION THANKS TO COMPANIES LIKE IDLEAIR, SHOREPOWER, CABAIRE, AIREDOCK, AND ENVIRODOCK, THE NUMBER OF TSE LOCATIONS IS GROWING, BUT THERE IS STILLA LOT OF WORK TO BE DONE. wwW.SUSTAINABLEAMERICA.ORG/BLOG/TSE/

How The Trucking Industry Can Save Billions of Gallons of Fuel Per Year

shared by SustainableAmerica on May 19
Idling trucks waste a tremendous amount of fuel and money. Could new technologies could make idling obsolete?




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