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How To Spot A Lemon

HOW TO SPOT A LC.n THE SIGNS THAT SHOW YOUR CAR IS A LEMON WHAT IS A LEMON? Most people know a lemon to be a juicy fruit. A lemon is far less appetizing to many new car owners, however. To them, a lemon is a newly purchased automobile that isn't performing up to the standards they were promised upon purchase. The Tell-Tale signs. NO ALTERNATOR ALTERNATIVE - Getting sick of the clicking sound you hear when you tum your key in the ignition? A faulty alternator might be the reason you continue to lose power when driving. OUT OF SERVICE New cars are for showing off. You should feel 16 again as you roll through the neighborhood with your new set of wheels. If your car has spent 15 or more days at a dealer for repairs - you may have a lemon. LOSING DRAG RACES TO BICYCLES Your new car should have no trouble beating beach cruisers in a short sprint. After all, most cruisers only have one speed and you have a stable of horses under your hood. 000 HOLIDAY LIGHTS YEAR-ROUND If you constantly have warning lights going off (check engine, brakes, low oil, etc.) and your dashboard is lit up like a Christmas tree - you need to get help. . ..... GIVE ME A BRAKE If you're having trouble stopping at red lights, stop signs, and outside of banks when you're driving a getaway car, you might be driving a lemon. OK, I HAVE A LEMON NOW WHAT? SEE A MECHANIC REPAIR ATTEMPTS KEEP RECORDS WRITE A LETTER The only way you can prove you Lemon Laws keep your safety in mind. If you have brake failure, one repair attempt may be enough to entitle you to Lemon Law assistance. Make sure that all your complaints are listed on the repair order and that when you pick up your car you get a copy of the write-up. After you've knocked your head against the wall enough times, you may want to call or write the manufacturer and ask them to buy have a lemon is to take it to the dealer and complain about your problems. your car back. ENQUGH IS ENOUGH After you've jumped through the hoops of trying to get your car fixed and/or you are getting nowhere with the manufacturer, it is time to hire a Lemon Law attorney. Fortunately, there are federal and state laws that protect consumers who have purchased new and used cars with manufacturer's warranty coverage. Any legitimate Lemon Law attorney won't charge you a dime as the manufacturer must pay your attorney fees. That is one of costs the manufacturer gets stuck with for selling you a lousy car. $500.00 HOW DO LEMON LAWS HELP MAKE LEMONADE If the defects with your vehicle are repetitive or serious enough, the consumer protection laws known as Lemon Laws require manufacturers or dealers to repurchase or replace the defective vehicle. Under the repur- chase remedy, you are entitled to a refund of what you paid for. Purchasing a defective new or used car is very frustrating. However, Lemon Laws give you the chance to unload the nightmare in your driveway and make sure you don't take it on the chin financially in the process. Also the manufacturer pays off any loan balance you still have on the car. Other remedies under these laws include cash damages and/or receiving extended warranty coverage. Remember, your warranty guarantees you the right to drive a vehicle that works. And if you have a vehicle that is not working as promised, the Lemon Laws are here to help. LEMON LAW LEMONADE THE LEMON LAW ATTORNEYS Sources

How To Spot A Lemon

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Buying a new car can be exciting! The new car smell, the feeling of pulling up in front of your friends and family in your new ride; it can be exhilarating. What isn’t fun however, is raking up repa...


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