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How many cars were recycled last year?

HOW MANYRECYCLED CARSLAST YEAR? TEN MILLION vehicles are recycled annually in the United States. 75% of the material in a vehicle is currently recycled. Number 1 Cars are the number one recycled product in the United States. 80 Million Barrels Recycling vehicles saves an estimated 80 million barrels of oil each year. 11 Million Tons TONS Recycling a car keeps 11 million tons of steel and 800,000 non ferrous metals out of landfills and back in TONS consumer use. What's a Car Made Of? 1% other 1% Carpets 1% Electrical Parts 1% Battery 2% Rubber 2% Fluids 3% Glass 3% Tires 9% Plastics 8% Non-Ferrous Metal 69% Ferrous Metal 224 TRILLION Matchbox cars can be made from 10 Million recylced cars. EEEE The recycled metal from 1 Car can produce 22,400 Matchbox cars 224 Trillion Matchbox cars can be produced from 10 Million cars 224 Trillion Matchbox cars will stretch across the United States 56,600 Times 1 CAR EVERY SECOND 7012 YEARS If 1 Matchbox car is given to one child every second, it would take 7012 years to hand them out! 275 Million Tires are stockpiled in junkyards in the US. 100 US Cities rubberized sidewallks. have installed 20 Million Tires are recyled into 50 Million pounds of Road Surfaces. of Athletic Field Surfaces are 50 Million Pounds made from 4.5 Million tires. 80% of all scrap tires are used to make recycled products. 2.7 Million Tires are recyled into 30 Million pounds of Playground Surfaces. A car that weighs 1.3 tons produced without plastics uses 100 0 more liters of fuel in its life than a car weighing 1.1 tons produced with plastic Battery cases account for 5,000 of the 14,000 tons of automotive plastics recovered and recycled. 12 V However, it is estimated that 121,000 tons of plastics are currently land filled. Waste oil from almost million oil changes in the UK is currently not collected. Had this oil been collected, it could have met the annual energy requirements of 1.5 million people. sources a_hot_wheel_car#ixzzlahmdNmON Recycled Facts

How many cars were recycled last year?

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Millions of cars are recycled every year in the United States, the metal, plastics, tires, glass, and other materials going to create thousands of new products. Did you ever wonder how many cars are r...



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