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How to Make Your Motorcycle Battery

HOW TO MAKE YOUR MOTORCYCLE BATTERY LAST LONGER MOTORCYCLES ARE TOUGH, AND SO ARE THE BATTERIES THAT HELP THEM RUN. HOWEVER, FOR MOTORCYCLE BATTERIES TO LAST FOR YEARS, YOU NEED TO CARE FOR THEM PROPERLY. HERE ARE SOME TIPS THAT WILL ASSURE YOU MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR MOTORCYCLE BATTERY LIFE SPAN. WHEN BUYING A BATTERY + Buy a better battery such as a Renegade Battery, Batteries with more lead and better welds will have more power and durability. Buy the correct size battery. If you have more compression or after market accessorles, get a battery Buy a battery from a battery suppliler that rotates inventory. A battery off the shelf that has been sitting for months wil have a shortened life. Manufacturers such as with more power to account for the increased draw of power. Buy a battery that has been thoroughly charged and tested, and one that includes atest report to confirmthe battery's performance. Renegade Battery rotate their inventory and fullty charge every battery before it goes out the door. WHEN INSTALLING A BATTERY Always make sure the Place a small Always fasten the battery using the factory provided battery straps. connections are clean and pad/foam under the battery to help absorb some tight. Grease and grime can create resistance which will impact the voltage going to and from the battery. vibration. CHARGING TIPS Ride your motorcycle to charge your battery. It takes approximat ely 30 to 40 minutes for your motorcycle's charging system to fully charge it. Riding a few times a month will keep your battery at peak performance. If you can't ride a few times a month then your battery wNl need to be charged. If you bought a Renegade battery as recommended above, al you need to do is charge it 8 hours every 30 Check your voltage using a digital voltage meter and make sure it's close to 144 to 148 VDC.If you dont have a digital voltage meter. you will need to Always use your multi-meter to verify your charger's voltage. Do not rely on the red and green LEDS. get one. for 4 days using a charger less than 15 AH Do not charge your battery for more than 48 hours at any giventime. Do not keep your battery on a 24/7 tender/charge. Never let the battery voltage drop below 10 volls. PERFORM REGULAR MAINTENANCE IDEALLY, MOTORCYCLES HAVE TO BE MAINTAINED ONCE A MONTH. THE MONTHLY TASKS YOU NEED TO PERFORM INCLUDE: If using a convertional battery. checking electrolyte levels and adding distilled water unti plates are submerged Cleanup of the terminals to prevent the buildup of dirt and sediments that could lead to corrosionChecking for loose connectors and tightening them, which aiso needs to be done in the event of a spil or minor accident Visual inspection of the battery Checking for leaks BY USING THE RIGHT BATTERY FOR YOUR APPLICATION AND PROPERLY CARING FOR IT, YOU SHOULD HAVE A MOTORCYCLE BATTERY THAT WILL LAST YOU FOR A MUCH LONGER TIME THAN USUAL. WWW.RENEGADEBATTERY.COM

How to Make Your Motorcycle Battery

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Batteries have a finite lifespan. That’s a fact. But it’s another thing if you have to replace them too early. This infographic discusses the steps you have to take to make your motorcycle bat...




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