How to Get Your Car Stolen

HOW TO GET YOUR CAR STOLEN Every 42 seconds, Odds of your a motor vehicle is stolen vehicle being stolen: I IN 186 in the United States Odds of dying in a car accident: I IN 18,585 So how can you be the 1 in 186 to experience vehicle theft? It's easier than you think! You could try living in one of the... TOP 10 METRO AREAS FOR AUTO THEFT: FRESNO, ČA NG 4 MODESTO, CA NO 5 BAKERSFIELD-DELANO, CA SPOKANE, WA YAKIMA, WA BAY AREA, CA STOCKTON, CA ANDERSON, SC VALLEJO, CA 10 VISALIA-PORTERVILLE, CA CALIFORNIA NO, 2 Cities with high rates of auto theft are often near Canadian or Mexican borders So if you're not in one of the top 10, any border area will up your odds of getting jacked Or, you could drive one of the... TOP 10 MOST STOLEN CARS: #1 1994 HONDA ACCORD #2 1995 HONDA CIVIC #3 1991 TOYOTA CAMRY #4 1999 CHEVROLET PICKUP #5 1997 FORD FI50 SERIES The most stolen vehicles tend to be mid-90s American-made cars, known for poor lock and security systems #6 2004 DODGE RAM #7 2000 DODGE CARAVAN #8 1994 ACURA INTEGRA #9 2002 FORD EXPLORER #10 1999 FORD TAURUS But if you're driving something a little harder to steal, YOU COULD TRY THESE OTHER METHODS: Leave your car running during a quick errand, like depositing mail or library books: I IN 3 PEOPLE ADMIT TO DOING THIS REGULARLY OR, YOU COULD DO WHAT 47% OF PEOPLE DO: Intentionally park at the back of parking lots where there are more spots, but usually less lighting Not bothering to hide your valuables when you park, like 40% of people do, could also work. If you really want to entice someone to break in, try leaving your purse or wallet in the car: I IN 4 PEOPLE DO THIS ALL THE TIME WHEN CREATIVITY FAILS, GO FOR THE OBVIOUS: Half of all stolen cars were unlocked at the time 15% OF THOSE HAD THE KEYS IN THE IGNITION OLEN CARS Once it's gone, you may have kissed it goodbye for good: 42% OF STOLEN ONLY 13% OF CARS AREN'T RECOVERED RECOVERED CARS RESULT IN ANY ARRESTS THE BEST PART OF GETTIN' CAR JACKERIS THE COST: ABOUT THE COST OF 390 EEARTET 60XRS The total estimated property losses of annual car theft is $5.2 billion At an average of $6,505 per stolen vehicle So what are you waiting for? GET OUT THERE AND GET THAT CAR STOLEN! OUR SOURCES: [1] [2] [3] theft/statistics.asp [4] [5] vehicles_for 2010.html This work is licensed under a Brought to you by the swell fellows at: Creative Commons License. CAR INSURANCE .ORG BY NO ND OPEN (Tone

How to Get Your Car Stolen

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Useful statistics and insight into car theft today. Helpful for car owners and people looking for auto insurance.



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