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How to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

HOW TO GET YOUR CAR READY FOR SUMMER 1. CHECK TIRE PRESSURE This should be done every month, regardless of season Temperature affects air Even a 10-degree difference can make a tire gain or lose 1 psi pressure 2. TEST YOUR BATTERY Batteries over 3 years old should be tested and replaced if necessary High temperatures can weaken your car's battery 3. CHECK COOLANT Use the mixture of coolant and water recommended in your owner's manual Coolant needs to be flushed and changed on a regular basis Visit the shop if you haven't had this done in a while 4. CHECK WINDSHIELD WIPERS AND FLUID Rubber on the wipers can crack and separate from the frame Driving with faulty wipers can severely reduce your visibility Make sure wiper fluid is topped off to keep your windshield clean 5. INSPECT BELT AND HO ES Anything cracked, brittle, or too soft should be replaced Parts over 7 years or 75,000 miles old should be carefully checked Parts over 10 years or 100,000 miles old should be replaced no matter what 6. CHECK TRANSMISSION FLUID SS Summer heat contributes to the breakdown of transmission fluid Fluid should not look dirty or smell burnt Especially important if use your vehicle to tow something like a boat 7. GET AN OIL CHANGE Change your engine oil on a regular basis Check your manual and ask your mechanic for recommendations Extreme temperatures may require a heavier motor oil 8. CHECK TIRE WEAR Summer tires will give you better fuel efficiency Make sure your spare tire is inflated in case of a flat Uneven wear can mean you need an alignment or new tires PROVIDED BY: WALT'S DANVILLE SERVICE Complate Auto Serwoe Since 1970 www.WALTSDANVILLESERVICECA.COM SOURCES:

How to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

shared by BrittSE on Jun 04
Summer driving puts a lot of stress on cars. Have you notices any cracked rubber or strange smells? This infographic from a San Ramon-area auto shop will tell you what to look out for when caring for ...


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