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How feasible is it to use an electric car on vacation in Europe?

Summer 2013 HOW FEASIBLE A IS IT TO USE wo0-HOO! AN ELECTRIC CAR ON VACATION IN EUROPE? But manufacturers are still going to great lengths to stretch the battery performance of their e-cars and the number of (quick) charge points is growing day by day. Many drivers regard the limited range of fully electrical vehicles as an absolute roadblock. Admittedly, driving longer distances 100% electrical at the moment requires a somew- hat mellow attitude towards travelling. EV CHARGEPOINT DENSITY PER COUNTRY Range EV's (150-300 km) 300 km 247 118 13 23 333 501 1863 166 i 783 889 597 70 35 109 11 323 100% 247 = PER 100.000 KM? 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% (QUICK) CHARGE POINTS PER COUNTRY 502 Austria K May I recharge my car with you? 246 Belgium Puis-je recharger ma voiture avec vous? Croatia 3 Czech Republic Se puede cargar el coche con usted? 10 Denmark Posso carregar o carro com você? Finland 235 France 635 Germany Posso caricare la mia macchina con te? Greece 281 Ireland Thanks Lorna! Italy Luxembourg Merci Severine! 23 790 Netherlands 952 Norway 15 Poland 300 Portugal 3 Slovenia Spain Sweden 31 Switzerland 1453 United Kingdom 0 21-05-2013 1500 1200 900 600 300 ELECTRIC VEHICLES FACTS SHEET Electric vehicles (EVs) are propelled by an electric motor (or motors) powered by rechargeable battery packs. EVs have several advantages over vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICES). ENERGY EFFICIENT Electric vehicles convert about 59-62% of the electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels. 62% 21% Conventional gasoline vehicles only convert about 17-21% of the energy stored in gasotine to power at the wheels. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY EVs emit no tailpipe pollutants, although the power plant producing the electricity may emit them. Electricity from nuclear-, hydro-, solar-, or wind-powered plants causes no air pollutants. PERFORMANCE BENEFITS 100 120 80 AO 60 20 Electric motors provide quiet, smooth operation and stronger accele- ration and require less maintenance than ICES. REDUCE ENERGY DEPENDENCE Electricity is a domestic energy source. EVs do, however, face signifi- cant battery-related challenges. DRIVING RANGE + € 3,- 150-300 KM *€ 70,- 450-550 KM Most EV's can only go about 150-320 km before recharging. Gasoline vehicles can go over 450 km before refueling. RECHARGE TIME 4-8 HRS = 100% 30 MIN. = 80% %3D %3D Fully recharging the battery pack can take 4 to 8 hours. Even a “quick charge" to 80% capacity can take 30 min. BATTERY COST The large battery packs are expensive and may need to be replaced one or more times. BULK & WEIGHT Battery packs are heavy and take up considerable vehicle space. Source: SO... WHAT'S THE PLAN? NORTH-WEST? NORTH-EAST? FEASIBILITY: 83% FEASIBILITY: 23% DOABLE UNSURE 300 km SOUTH-WEST? SOUTH-EAST? FEASIBILITY: 8% FEASIBILITY: 2% NERVE RACKING FORGETABOUTIT WHATEVER YOU D0; BETTER PLAN AHEAD... o Infographie Designer Commissioned by VIS Free Format Communicatie B.V.

How feasible is it to use an electric car on vacation in Europe?

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How feasible is it to use an electric car on vacation in Europe? Driving longer distances 100% electrical at the moment requires a somewhat mellow attitude towards travelling. Where (and where not) to...


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