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How to Extend the Life of Your Transmission

HOW T O EXTE ND ΤHE LIFE OF ΥOUR TRANSMISSION CHANGE TRANSMISSION FLUID Transmission fluid is necessary for lubrication and good performance Low or dirty fuid leads to increased wear and overheating Should be done every 15,000 miles or once a year - check your owner's manual USE YOUR BRAKES Avoid downshifting to slow down your car Downshifting instead of braking puts excess stress and wear on the transmission Transmission parts tend to be more costly to replace than brake pads DRIVE WISELY • Make sure you drive in the right gear, whether you have an automatic or a manual • Only use overdrive when traveling at highway speeds • Use lower gears only when you need extra power on hills or to tow heavy loads OBEY THE SPEED LIMIT 40 50 60 • Fast driving creates wear and tear on your transmission Avoid quick accelerating or "peeling out" Driving the speed limit is good for your fuel economy as well as your transmission 30 80 10 100 LET YOUR CAR WARM UP Cold transmission fluid does not lubricate as well • Drive your car gently for 2-3 miles after a cold start Warming up is especially important if you are towing a heavy load hot fluid DON'T IGNORE OVERHEATING Excess heat is the most dangerous enemy of a transmission For every 20 degrees over 200 degrees, your transmission's lifespan decreases by a factor of 2 Talk to your mechanic about having an auxiliary transmission cooler installed PROVIDED BY: SIDEDIOR TRANSMISSIONS wWW.SUPERIOR-TRANSMISSIONSMD.COM SOURCES: sion-expert-three-easy-ways-to-extend-the-life-of-your-automatic-transmission/

How to Extend the Life of Your Transmission

shared by BrittSE on Oct 25
Take care of a vehicle so it offers the best driving experience. The way a driver controls a car affects its interior parts. Check out this infographic to learn how to care for the transmission and ke...


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