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How Electric Vehicles are Changing the World

HOW ELECTRIC VEHICLES ARE CHANGING THE WORLD Electric vehicles (EVs) are progressing rapidly and will soon become a viable option for motorists. This infographic gives you a quick overview of the current market (2014–2015) WHAT'S ON THE MARKET? IH Choice for consumers is growing by the year. Range is going up, cost is coming down Size = Cost Range in miles RENAULT CHEVROLET Spark 82 miles £9,000 Twizy 62 miles £7,000 NISSAN CHEVROLET VOLKSWAGEN NISSAN LEAF e-up! 124 miles 90-100 miles £22,000 £20,000 RENAULT MITSUBISHI MOTORS MITSUBISHI I-MIEV MITSUBISHI MOTORS 100 miles MITSUBISHI £28,000 Outlander 32.5 miles £28,249 BMW 3 series plug-in 22 miles £33,000 AUDI Q7 plug-in 35 miles £45,335 VOLVO VOLVO XC90 T8 25 miles £45,785 TESLA TESLA Model S 312 miles £50,000 Range based on electric only mileage Cross-section of models selected from best-selling and best reviewed electric vehicles 2014 – 2015 GAMECHANGERS There are some major advancements just around the corner. The car industry as we know it could soon be changed forever 0% EMISSIONS 0% This is the jewel in the EV crown. Range is going up and costs are going down but until we have a 'clean' electricity grid based on renewables this is a long way off NUCLEAR BATTERY Right now, scientists are attempting to develop an atomic battery for EV use: it won't need recharging, and could give power for up to 30 years DRIVERLESS CARS Google, among others, are developing software that enables cars to drive themselves. This could shake up traditional ownership models and open up the electric car market CHEVROLET BOLT Chevrolet have committed to the production of a new Bolt with a 200 mile range. This could be the first affordable long-range all-electric vehicle CHEVROLET BRAINWAVE CONTROL Students have developed a brainwave controlled model car. Could this impact the control systems of the future EV market? THE APPLE CAR It is rumoured that Apple are entering the EV market in a move that could change the car industry NEW BATTERY FROM VW? vW are currently deciding whether to make use of energy-storage technology. This could potentially lead to a range of 400+ miles CURRENT POLITICS The UK Government (2015) has introduced 140 EVs to its ministerial range. This could encourage other governmental departments and large organisations to embrace electric vehicles METAL / AIR BATTERIES 13 AI Zn Being pioneered by car manufacturers such as Renault. Metal / air batteries aluminium zinc harness the chemical reaction between 27 65 oxygen and metals such as zinc and aluminium. This could improve range CREATIVE DESTRUCTION Creative destruction describes a process in which new developments bring about the demise of established models and patterns. With all the investment in EV technology, we could see an end to the oil-based vehicle market PROS AND CONS Low emissions Using electric power reduces the need for fossil fuels, and eliminates exhaust fumes PROS Home Recharging You'll never have to wait in a petrol station queue again Less energy wastage Only 20% wastage compared to the 85% wastage of petrol vehicles Cost less to run Both hybrid and fully electric vehicles are more cost-effective than combustion vehicles Quiet Electric engines are a lot quieter and could drastically reduce noise pollution 12 Limited Design Choice With a few notable exceptions, EV designs CONS have yet to excite the critics Battery Replacement Batteries need to be replaced every 5-10 years at significant cost CНECK YOUR RANGE Range anxiety EVs currently have limited range leaving drivers anxious about distances Refuelling Time It can take hours to recharge the battery, leaving long journeys out of the question Initial Purchase Entry levels into the EV market are still expensive AUTOMOTIVE / 002 PPCGB. PERFORMANCE PARTS

How Electric Vehicles are Changing the World

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Electric cars are here to stay. Whether they're personal vehicles made using hybrid technology, or new forms of public transport, these electric conveyances are the future of economical, ecological tr...






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