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How Does Utah Rank in Road Safety?

HOW DOES UTAH RANK IN ROAD SAFETY? Car accidents in the United States are responsible for: 33,000 deaths per year 2.3 million injuries per year The U.S. has 3 times the motor $242 billion in annual medical expenses across the country vehicle fatality rate of the U.K., Sweden and the Netherlands (adjusted for population) HOW DOES UTAH COMPARE TO THE REST OF THE U.S. IN ROAD SAFETY LAWS? The Essentials: Utah ranks in the middle of the road for essential motor vehicle safety laws, enforcing 2 out of the 3 essential motor vehicle safety laws (with primary enforcement front and rear seat belts laws enacted in 2015) UTAH DOES NOT HAVE AN ALL-RIDER MOTORCYCLE HELMET LAW Booster Seats: %23 UTAH IS ONE OF 33 STATES WITH BOOSTER SEAT LAWS COVERING CHILDREN AGES 4 THROUGH 7, AS RECOMMENDED BY THE NHTSA AND CHILD SAFETY ADVOCATES Child safety seats reduce fatalities by 71% 54% for infants for toddlers Teen Driving: Utah follows 3 out of 7 recommended graduated driver licensing provisions (ranking average) UTAH TEEN DRIVING LAWS INCLUDE: A 6-month holding period 40 hours supervised driving Cell phone ban on all drivers under 18 UTAH DOES NOT HAVE LAWS REQUIRING: o A minimum age of 16 to get a learner's permit Passenger restrictions on teen drivers Age 18 unrestricted license • Adequate nighttime driving restrictions on teenagers Impaired Driving: Utah ranks highly for impaired driving laws, with comprehensive laws against And laws requiring ignition interlock devices for persons previously convicted of drunk driving Open containers Child endangerment THE AVERAGE DUI OFFENDER DRIVES DRUNK 87 TIMES BEFORE GETTING ARRESTED! Distracted Driving: Utah follows the rest of the nation with a statewide ban on text messaging for all drivers; only 9 states do not have adequate text messaging restrictions Sending or receiving a text message takes a driver's eyes off the road for an average 4.6 seconds. AT 55 MPH, THAT'S ENOUGH TIME TO DRIVE THE LENGTH OF A FOOTBALL FIELD Overall Ranking: Out of a total of 15 recommended vehicle safety laws, Utah enforces 10. This puts Utah behind 13 states and the District of Columbia. No state enforces all 15 recommended laws. Total laws enforced range from 12 in Oregon, Illinois, Delaware and D.C. to only 2 in South Dakota MOTOR VEHICLE CRASHES COST THE STATE OF UTAH $1.73 BILLION IN DAMAGES EVERY YEAR 256 fatalities due to motor 2,559 total fatalities from 2004-2014 vehicle accidents in 2014 WAYS TO IMPROVE: UNIVERSAL MOTORCYCLE HELMET LAW o The current law only covers riders under age 18 o Motorcycle helmets reduce risk of death by 42% MORE COMPREHENSIVE TEEN DRIVING LAWS o Stronger nighttime driving restrictions o Passenger restrictions o Unrestricted license at age 18 o Minimum age 16 for learner's permit SOURCES: loads/sites/22/2015/02/2015FatalCrashSummary-2.pdf dle/2027.42/95704/102922.pdf;jsessionid=611545B48545BAD7C819B12D0887A7B B?sequence=1 Robert J. DeBry A SSOCI ATES

How Does Utah Rank in Road Safety?

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On average, the United States is home to roughly 2.3 million auto-related injuries per year—more than enough to keep any auto accident lawyer from Salt Lake City to New York busy. So how does Utah r...


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