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How to Determine The Value of A Classic Car

HOW TO DETERMINE THE VALUE OF A CLASSIC CAR #1 CARS #2 CARS #3 CARS #4 CARS CONCOURS EXCELLENT GOOD FAIR Newly painted Correct or new interior Used regularly Visible flaws and scratches Best car condition Can win in car shows Groomed from top to bottom Shiny chrome and paint finish Perfectly fitted parts Complete interiors and Hardly recognizable flaws Excellent interior and exterior No unusual noises from engine Smoke emission works Have some incorrect parts Can be used in long trips Not used for daily transportation Unrecognizable visual flaws Can possess some qualities of a No. 4 car Imperfect paint jobs Has visible dents Some parts are not the stock ones Deteriorated due to regular accessories No dust or stains great on startups Former No. 1 cars that have usage aged over time VEHICLE CONDITIONS VEHICLE CONDITION SIGNIFICANTLY CHANGES VALUE $80,000 $66,000 $52,000 $38,000 $24,000 $10,000 Dec Apr Aug Dec Apr Aug Dec Apr Aug Jan Apr Aug Dec May Sep Dec Apr Aug Dec Apr 2006 2007 2007 2007 2008 2008 2008 2009 2009 2010 2010 2010 2010 2011 2011 2011 2012 2012 2012 2013 CARS CONDITION IS ยท EXTERIOR (Body, Doors, Hood, Trunk, Top) MEASURED ON A - PAINT, GLASS AND TRIM SCALE OF 1-5 - INTERIOR (Dashboard and Instrument Panel, Upholstery, Floor Coverings, Interior Trim) IN THESE AREAS - MECHANICS (Odometer, Brakes and Steering, Transmission, Undercarriage) WHICH CUMULATIVELY ENGINE OPERATION DETERMINES THE - ENGINE COMPARTMENT CAR'S VALUE (Authenticity, Special Options, Desirability) BASIC CATEGORY VALUATION TO DETERMINE THE CAR'S FAIR MARKET VALUE 90-100 POINTS Category 1 Perfect shape Category 2 Near perfect shape Category 3 Good shape Category 4 Average shape Category 5 Fair shape Category 6 Poor shape 80-89 POINTS LINKS 70-79 POINTS 39-below POINTS TO ASSESS THE VALUE 60-69 POINTS 40-59 POINTS OF A CLASSIC CAR NADA GUIDES Online Price guide for all classic, exotic, muscle cars and trucks AUTOTRADER CLASSICS Online Social Networking Website Dedicated to all classic car buffs Provides buying and selling guides How-to articles Appraisal guides Dealership locator for all parts, accessories and mechanical compartments HOW TO APPRAISE A CAR - Judge the car's condition on a scale of 1-5 - Use 5 as the highest value - Assess the values of each category - Calculate the grand total of all 20 categories - Compare the points to 100-point maximum HEMMING World's Largest Classic Car Marketplace Offers classified advertisements, publications, guides, tips and event calendars for all collectors of classic cars AUTO APPRAISAL GROUP INC. Authoritative document that helps beginners identify a bargain deal at a vintage car auction Classic Cars Reference: VEHICLE CONDITIONS

How to Determine The Value of A Classic Car

shared by shanemarks3 on Jul 16
This is an infographic about the value of classic cars and how to determine them. When assessing the value of a classic car, you can refer to NADA guides, Autotrader Classics, Hemming and Auto Apprais...


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