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how could you become a stunt driver

OWYJU COUL) BECOME ASTUNT DRIVER During great car chases and driving stunts, have you ever thought: I would love to do that! Well you can. In this guide you can find out what you need to do, and learn, to become a stunt driver on the big (and little) screen. PERSONAL QUALITIES Accuracy Professionalism It's called precision driving for a reason You better turn up on time and do your job Risk Management Your, and the crews', safety is your primary concern STER 1 ENROL WITH A QUALITY STUNT DRIVING SCHOOL EUROPEAN STUNT SCHOOL PRECIŠION DRIVERS UNLIMITED STUNTDRIVING SCHOOL BONDURANT SCHOOL OF HIGH PERFORMANCE DRIVING STEP 2 LEARN & PRACTICE YOUR SKILLS Shuffle steering Reason: Method for increased control Hold the wheel in 9 & 3 positions Grasp wheel tightly with fingertips Hands never cross "Shuffle' your wheel from one hand to other to steer PIT manoeuvre Reason: Pursuit tactic to force a fleeing car to turn and stop Approach fleeing vehicle Make contact with target's side Steer sharply into target & accelerate Skiing Reason: LookS cool Inflate tires that stay on the ground to 80 psi Set up a ramp of roughly 30 inches tall and 10 feet long Drive the not over inflated wheels at roughly 30mph As you clear the ramp, turn steering wheel toward high side Balance as you drive The J - Turn Reason: To change direction quickly Reverse in straight line Come off the power quickly and apply half to three quarters of a turn of steering lock Rapidly double declutch When the front is rotating, reduce steering lock Prepare to pull away Select first gear Release clutch with enough revs to spin the heels a little Pull away ·For a car with front wheel drive, manual transmission, ABS The Scandinavian flick Reason: Stylishly get around a sharp corner Apply a slight steering input to the opposite direction of the turn Steer into the turn, while sharply lifting off the throttle Apply steering input towards turn, releasing the brake pedal 6 holding down the throttle Counter steer to control the induced oversteer STEP 3 LEARN EVEN MORE SKILLS Powerslide parking Slaloming STEP 4 GETTING WORK Register with a union Being part of a union will help you network and find jobs. You will need to be part of an acting union to work on set. FIA Equity Aso INTERMATIONAL FEDERATION OF ACTORS FEDERATION INTERNATIONALEDES ACTEURS SAG AFTRA. Work as an extra Getting experience on set will add to your CV Send CV to as many producers and coordinators as you can Persevere What you can earn Minimum is around $500 for ten hours + overtime. Top drivers could earn over $150,000 Remember: only a fraction of precision drivers are able to get work. So don't give up the day job. THE GREATEST DRIVING STUNT EVER The James Bond Corkscrew Jump Film: The Man with Golden Gun A mid-air, 270 degree twist, over a river, landing back on the wheels Loren "Bumps" Willard AMC Hornet X Speed driven 40mph Sources SELECT CONTRACTS BUSINESS & PERSONAL VEHICLE LEASING TIÓN

how could you become a stunt driver

shared by diptiparmar89 on Nov 22
There is something about a great chase sequence or car stunt that sets our hearts racing and makes us wish that we could one day drive like they do on the big (and little) screen. So we did a little d...




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