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How to Change a Flat Tire

HOW TO CHANGE A FLAT TIRE A flat tire can happen to anyone, at any time. Getting a flat tire is a bummer, but with a few tools and a little practice, anyone can learn to change a flat. REQUIRED TOOLS wrench tire jack spare tire STEP 1 PULL OVER ONTO A FLAT, SAFE SURFACE A flat surface keeps your car from rolling Pull off the road as far as possible Turn on your hazard lights STEP 2 USE THE PARKING BRAKE The last thing you want is for your car to roll • Put your car in 'Park' • For manual transmission, leave your car in gear STEP 3 LOOSEN THE LUG NUTS (this is a lugnut) o You may have to remove the hubcap first o Using the wrench, turn the lug nuts counter-clockwise to loosen o Do not remove the lug nuts yet STEP 4 USE THE JACK TO LIFT THE VEHICLE OFF THE GROUND Pump or crank the jack until the vehicle is 6 inches off the ground Ensure the car is stable, and won't fall Make sure the jack is lifting straight up, not leaning STEP 5 REMOVE LUG NUTS, THEN REMOVE TIRE • Loosen lug nuts until they fall off Pull the tire straight toward you to remove it STEP 6 PUT ON THE SPARE TIRE Line up the lug nuts with the rim of the spare • Push the spare all the way onto the wheelbase STEP 7 ATTACH THE LUG NUTS o Put the lug nuts on clockwise with the wrench, enough to firmly attach the spare to the car STEPO LOWER THE CAR DOWN TO THE GROUND Use the jack to bring the car back down to the ground Re-attach the hubcap CONGRATULATIONS, YOU'VE SUCCESSFULLY CHANGED A TIRE! SOURCES: Robert J. DeBry loads/2015/06/Change-a-flat-910x728.jpg ASSOCI ATES

How to Change a Flat Tire

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It’s the bane of every motorist’s existence: you’re driving along the freeway on the way home to Farmington, Utah when suddenly you hear a loud bang — looks like you’ve got a flat tire. Fla...


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