How to Avoid Being Bumped from a Flight

HOW TO AVOID BEING BUMPED FROM A FLIGHT WHY YOU WEREN'T ALLOWED ON THE FLIGHT EVEN AFTER BUYING YOUR TICKET WELL IN ADVANCE! OVER BOOKED WHAT IS OVERBOOKING? If you've ever bought a ticket for a flight, then were told there were no more seats available for you at boarding. then you've been overbooked. Or, in the language of the airline industry, your flight was "oversold". ****. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN? Airlines oversell flights because they expect a certain percentage of passengers to not show up. Airlines call this percentage the No Show Rate. ... HOW DOES THIS WORK? The No Show Rate is calculated from past data and is used as a prediction tool. It allows the airline to determine how many tickets to sell to make a profit. The number of tickets sold in this case is greater than the number of seats available. There is a lot of math working behind the scenes which help an airline decide how, when and where to overbook a flight. This math takes the following into consideration: No Show Rate Physical Capacity Authorized Capacity Number of passengers with confirmed bookings that are expected not to show. Actual number of seats on a flight available to passengers (Not always equal to number of seats on the aircraft). Maximum passengers airline can book, including extra tickets sold based on the no show rate. SO WHY AREN'T YOU ON THE PLANE? !! Since the No Show Rate is just a prediction, there are times when more people show up to a flight than anticipated. When this happens the airline will start bumping or denying passengers boarding. WHY YOU'RE MORE LIKELY TO GET OVERBOOKED NOW THAN EVER! Load factors (or the number of seats filled on a flight) have been increasing year after year. What this means is planes have been getting fuller and fuller. For an airline, this a good thin... .for the passenger, not so much. 2$ 2$ 2$ 2$ 2$ 2$ 2$ 2$ Fuller planes are more likely to get overbooked and passengers who are overbooked are going to have a harder time getting on to another flight! HOW OFTEN DOES OVERBOOKING HAPPEN? In the period of January - March 2015, approximately 143,000 passengers were denied boarding. Compared to 134,000 passengers in this same period last year. JAN-MAR 2015 JAN-MAR 2014 WHO DOES THE LEAST OVERBOOKINGS? as of Jan. - Mar. '15 1 Hawaiian Airlines 2 Jetblue Airways Virgin America HAWAJIAN wwgn amerCE ............ These airlines are ranked by amount of passengers denied boarding per every 10,000 passengers. Airline Passengers Denied Boarding Passengers Denied per 10,000 passengers HAWAJIAN 117 0.5 AIRLINES.- jetBlue 654 |0.9 america 291 1.9 WHO DOES THE MOST OVERBOOKINGS?* as of Jan. - Mar. '15 Delta Airlines 2 United Airlines 3 Southwest Airlines ADELTA UNITED Sortvrst Airline Passengers Denied Boarding Passengers Denied per 10,000 passengers Southwesto 23,967 |7.5 UNITED 19,190 10.6 A DELTA 41,543 15.1 *This list includes only ticketing airlines and their reported numbers. LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT THE LOAD FACTOR ON DELTA AND UNITED Remember the load factor is the number of seats filled across an airline's network. Load Factor A DELTA Load Factor by Percentage UNITED by Percentage 80 81 82 83 84 85 80 81 82 83 84 85 2011 2011 ..... . .. .. 2012 2012 ..... .. ...... ..... ...i.. 2013 2013 ..... .... .... 2014 2014 Both companies' load factors have been on an upward trajectory for the past few years, which explains some, but not all, of the overbooking that occurs on these airlines. SO WHAT CAN YOU DO TO AVOID BEING DENIED BOARDING? REGUENT FUER 06:00 - 06.59 AM BECOME A FREQUENT FLIER CHOOSE AN OFF-PEAK FLIGHT... READ THE FINE PRINT! AVOID PEAK PERIOD FLYING If the airline gives you an option when you are purchasing or checking in to volunteer to be rebooked, decline this option. Fre quent flier status is one factor We covered this in our last infographic, and it rings true even now. If you fly when less people are flying, you are less likely that is taken into account when bumping passengers. If you are a frequent flier with an airline you are automatically less likely to get overbooked. to be overbooked. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO WHEN YOUR FLIGHT IS OVERBOOKED? When your flight is overbooked, the airline will first ask passengers to volunteer to be denied boarding. DO NOT VOLUNTEER! VOLUNTEER? Passengers that volunteer may be offered compensation from the airline, but this compensation is usually a small percentage of what an airline would owe you if you are involuntarily denied boarding. VOLUNTARILY DENIED INVOLUNTARILY DENIED BOARDING COMPENSATION BOARDING Vs $200 - $400 UP TO $1300 WHAT YOU'RE OWED WHEN YOU'RE DENIED BOARDING If you are involuntarily denied boarding (meaning you don't voluntarily accept a voucher in return for your ticket), then you are entitled to compensation up to $1300, as well as a full refund of your confirmed reservation. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation this compensation "is essentially a payment for your inconvenience". DELAY AT FINAL DESTINATION AS A RESULT OF BEING BUMPED 200% X $650 +1 HOUR TICKET PRICE MAX DOO 400% X MAX $1300 +2 HOUR TICKET PRICE HAVE YOU BEEN DENIED BOARDING? You may be eligible to receive compensation from the airline if you were involuntarily denied boarding. There are only four exceptions to this rule: .............. You're placed on another flight scheduled to arrive within one hour of the original flight; You fail to comply with ticketing, check-in or reconfirmation procedures; 60 .............. You are denied boarding due to safety-related weight restrictions on an aircraft with 60 or fewer seats. Your aircraft is substituted for one of smaller capacity; or. GAirHelp SOURCES

How to Avoid Being Bumped from a Flight

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