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How the Automotive Industry is Embracing Social Media ...

How the Auto Industry is Embracing Social Media You Tube Linked in flickr digg Scribd The state of the auto industry is constantly in flux -- as is each of the Big 5's reputations. Check out how the largest car companies in the country are reaching out to the public. These are America's marque brands and their top divisions that have a substantial social media presence All social media site statistics are current as of February 8, 2011. Increased budget Chapter 11 conversation Fun videos GM's social media Department 180 is a series of videos created by GM that are fun and entertaining. Most of GM's videos get 1,500 views over several months, but Dept. 180's debut video got more than 11,000 views in its first week. Each year GM enlarges its social media budget, a sign that the company team took a transparent approach on Twitter and Facebook when it came to discussing the company's bankruptcy, and the public appreciated their sincerity. understands the value of social media. The team tries to have a presence wherever communities gather in order to connect with people one-on-one. Linkedin YouTube followers: 30,253 Linked in You Tube Twitter & Twitter followers: 19,828 KOcebook Blog: following 6,944 Google Page Rank 6 Main Site: Google Page Rank 8 General Motors likes: 217,824 GM neralm total upload views: Name: Chevrolet Subscribers: 5,015 2,620,450 You Tube Joined: January 11, 2006 Twitter Facebook followers: ww.facebook 17,501 Honoring MLK On January 17, Chevrolet launched the MLK Reading project, a platform where Americans can honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his achievements. Visit Main Site: following: 14,213 Google Page Rank 7 Chevrolet likes: 377,405 YouTube You Tube Name: Buick Subscribers: 378 Joined: March 1, 2006 total upload views: followers: 3,674 following: 574 6,614,538 Twitter E Main Site: Scavenger hunt The "Quest for the Keys" Google Page Rank 6 Buick Buick's "Quest for Keys" is underway in seven cities. Clues will be released on Facebook, Twitter and other sites. Those who find the 42 hidden keys will receive cash, and one lucky contestant's key will unlock a new Buick. likes: 78,176 Name: GMC Subscribers: 549 Joined: December 23, 2005 total upload views: 561,778 followers: 5,954 You Tube Twitter total upload views: YouTube following: 3,834 303,814 Main Site: Google Page Rank 7 GMC GMC likes: 160,108 total upload views: 86,479 Name: GMC Subscribers: 127 Joined: April 23, 2008 vehicles followers: 29 Linkedin Linked in Name: Cadillac Subscribers: 1,869 Joined: November 28, 2005 Twitter You Tube followers: 5,833 YouTube following: 921 Fac total upload views 3,003,005 likes: 307,162 Road trip Rally America Last summer, two Ford Fiestas equipped with online apps went on a road trip from Michigan to San Francisco. One car used the app "Auto"matic blog, which allowed it to blog and tweet. Ford Focus Rally America will have six teams of two compete in various interactive challenges as they drive cross-country in the new 2012 Ford Focus. Folks can participate online by helping the drivers figure out clues and puzzles. Linkedin YouTube followers: 26,979 total upload viewa: 1,512,114 Linked in Twitter KEcebook You Tube followers: 46,244 tollowing: 34,821 Main Site: Google Page Rank 7 Ford Ford followers: 50,161 Blog: following: 31,289 likes: 534,540 total upload views: 4,745,504 Main Site: Google Page Rank 6 Name: Ford Motor Company Subscribers: 3,276 Ford Joined: April 19, 2007 16 LINCOL N likes: AMERICAN LUXURY 20,195 total reads: 604,345 Delicious uploads: 182 followers: 100,679 Scribd Scribd photo sets: 175 FordMotorCompany Flickr flick Embracing social In September 2010, Chrysler started f showing off photos and other details about four 2011 models through its Facebook and Twitter accounts, which lead to a frenzy of activity on the web. total upload views: 3,989,866 Name: Chrysler followers 6,064 following 5,982 Tube Ocebook Main Site: Google Page Rank 6 Chrysler likes: 91,401 following: 6,893 followers 11,330 followers: 11,917 Linkedin Flickr photo sets: Linked in flick YouTube You Tube Subscri dge Twitter ribers: 2 Joined: Sent890 followers: 7,507 Main Site: Google Page Rank 6 following: 7,916 Dodge DODGE likes: 333,971 total upload views: YouTube 4,505,582 You Tube Name: Jeep Twitter followers: Main Site: Google Page Rank 7 18,519 f following: 17,258 Jeep Jeep likes: 990,442 YouTube You Tube Twitter total upload views: /ramtrucks Items: Facebook 4,863,475 7,950 followers www.facebook 3,325 followings 3,479 8 Flickr flick Main Site: Google Page Rank 6 Ram RAM likes: 42,608 total upload views: 352,226 photo sets: 19 flick Fickr Becoming social Since last February, Toyota has become increasingly a part of social media. The Toyota USA president participated in a Digg Dialogg interview, the company set up various platforms to aggregate online mentions of Toyota and it also created a social media response team. total upload views: 7,541,200 followers: 34,251 following: 18,716 Ocebook Main Site: Tube Google Page Rank 7 Toyota Blog: likes: 331,616 Joined: March 5, 2008 Subscribers: 5,725 Name: Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. followers: 11,430 YouTube You Tube Linkedin Name: Linked in Joineg Osrs: ahicies :Janua ry 4, 2008 Twitter followers: f www.facebokcomnexus 15,447 Main Site: following 491 Google Page Rank 7 Lexus followers: 779 LEXUS total upload views: 4,192,000 likes: 324,440 Linked in YouTube You Tube Name: Scion Subscribers: 165 Joined: January 16, 2006 Twitter followers 6,449 Main Site: following: total upload 5,437 views 86,215 Google Page Rank 6 Scion SCION likes: 45,130 followers: 157 Linkedin Linked in Virtual gaming To promote the Honda CR-Z, a hybrid coupe, the company entered the Facebook game Town" and started an ad campaign. In the game, players could purchase a Honda CR-Z for their own garages. total upload views: 12,330,710 "Car Subscribers: 10,666 Joined: October 10, 2005 followers 10,400 following: 372 Twitter Face Main Site: Google Page Rank 6 Honda likes: 872,670 followers: 1,240 Vou Tuba OUTube B witter Linkedin Flickr photo sets: 56 Linked in Linsider Facebo www.facebook followers 4,144 flick Main Site: following: 1,217 Google Page Rank 6 Acura ACURA likes: 84,736 total upload views: 514,392 Social Super Bowl Advertising This year's Super Bowl advertising was dominated by car and car-related ads. Most companies took advantage of this opportunity by engaging the viewer via television and online. Here's a look at four of the most talked about Super Bowl campaigns and commercials: SUPER BOWL Volkswagen originally leaked its Super Bowl commercial "The Force" on YouTube, which helped it go viral even before the big day. Ford promoted its Focus Rally America, the interactive road trip that encourages folks to help the drivers along their way. 50 During the days leading up to the Super Bowl, the video was a trending topic on Twitter and had 1.5 million views. As of February 11, the video has more than 26 million Before the commercial even aired, more than 10,000 people had signed up to support the teams. Currently, each of the six teams have several thousand followers. The winning views. team will be announced March 7. COLD Mercedes-Benz Even before the Super Bowl, Mercedes-Benz announced a Twitter- fueled campaign: four two-person teams would drive to Dallas Audi was the first to include a hashtag in a Super Bowl commercial. Ten folks who tweeted with the hashtag would be chosen to compete for a grand prize. in MB vehicles propelled by tweets. It would pair up with MB's Super Bowl commercial, Welcome." Thousands of folks tweeted the #Progressls hashtag and have continued to do so in the days after the Super Bowl. According to Audi's Twitter account, the company plans "Team S' won the three-day journey after accumulating more than 43,000 tweets and winning other challenges. The winners each received a 2012 C-Class Coupe. to announce the winners a week or so after the Super Bowl. Lessons & Takeaways Success stories and failures Volkswagen's "The Force" video A huge win for Ford Chevy's road trip results Ford gave 100 folks Ford Fiestas 18 months before they were released and asked that they share their experiences online. Last year Chevrolet sent out eight teams of social media folks on a road trip/scavenger hunt competition. They had to complete challenges and interact on social sites. While most companies keep their Super Bowl ads a secret until game time, this video was intentionally released early to create pre-game buzz. It lead to millions of views, thousands of likes and the miniature Darth Vader, actor Max Page, even appeared on the Today Show. It resulted in: It resulted in: 11 million impressions 11,000 13,000 15,000 61.1 million impressions 1,216 8,764 new Facebook likes 13,400 video views video views photos tweets tweets GM's viral plan backfires In 2006, GM teamed up with "The Apprentice" to create a site that allowed Chevy Tahoe fans to make their own commercials Honda's cyber critique Toyota's Flickr flop In 2009, Toyota and its ad agency put together a Web site for the Toyota 4Runner, The problem was that the images had been stolen from Flickr and were used without the photographers' permission. Toyota soon removed the images and apologized. In the summer of 2009, Honda created a Facebook fan page to help promote the new Crosstour. However, it turned sour when "fans" outside of the target demographic only had negative things to say. online. However, the response was largely negative as SUV critics made films bashing the Tahoe and others made satirical ads. Honda didn't issue a response until September. Lessons other companies can learn Have a personality Interact with your fans as if they were your friends, rather than using a corporate, traditional voice. Example: Scott Monty (Head of Social Media for Ford) has more followers than many other of the top 5's main Twitter accounts. Create social profiles Always respond In times of trouble, don't be silent. No matter if you're addressing bankruptcy or the public's dislike for your newest car model, always be a part of the conversation and address fans' questions and Create profiles on prominent social media sites. Sign up and create accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. Learn how to use these effectively and reach out to your audience. concerns. Embrace word-of-mouth Embrace the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Allow your customers and fans to sing your praises and spread the word, instead of your company doing it itself. Provide interaction Create opportunities for fans to interact and participate. Run competitions, hold events and find other ways to include your fans. They'll love being a part of the "team." Sources: I | | | I | | | | | | stitoday.coml Information provided by: CARINSURANCE.ORG eneral Motor rbkember i Sed: S ber 8, 2006 nino Name. cribers: 4, November 1, 200s Subscribers: 1,364 Joined: September 8, 2006 www.face Twitter YouTube 29, 2005 anuary 19, 2006 here : 1,089 sub September 21, 200s egninoN Twitter. Linkedin Name: American Honda Motor Co. www.face YouTub amabersner 5, 2005

How the Automotive Industry is Embracing Social Media ...

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Every industry these days is trying to figure out how to employ social media, but the auto category is being especially scrutinized. The segment is known for its glitzy TV ads and deep pockets, but so...




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