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Holiday Driving Tips

It's Holiday Time! Tradesure Time to head off to enjoy the great British summertime, but a breakdown far from home can really ruin your fun. A few simple checks can avoid most common problems. from Nortoninsurance Tradesure rom Nortoninsurane STAY COOL Destination a lot warmer than home? Check the coolant's mixture of antifreeze and water, don't do this when the engine's NORTON TYRES hot! FLUIDS For safety and economy, tyres must be inflated to the correct pressure. Taking the whole family? You'll need to inflate to the higher setting, Info can be found in the car manual or Before heading out check the fluid reservoirs: oil, windscreen washer fluid, power steering fluid, etc. Each should be marked with a fill line. inside ledge of the driver's door. GLOVE BOX ESSENTIALS Quick Tread Test Gloves? No gloves required for summer hols! We recommend the car manual instead. If you've lost this then many manufacturers have downloadable versions available on Place a 20p in the tread, if the border around the edge of the coin is visible you should consider replacing the tyre.* their websites. Check with your local garage if CHECK THE AIR CON you are unsure. A clogged pollen filter may affect fuel economy and can start to whiff...and who wants to breathe in nasties? They're inexpensive to change. If your current filter has been in the car for more than 10,000 miles, it's time to clean or change it. THE SPARE TYRE PACK A ROAD ATLAS It should be fully inflated and you'll need the jack, wrench and correct removal tools. Check for the locking wheel nut tool if your car has locking wheel nuts. If you don't have a current road atlas, get one. This will save the day if your sat nav fails and also allows you to get off the beaten path and explore. just like the olden days! HINT LOADING UP Avoid driving at top speeds or revving your engine. Cars tend to run at their most efficient at 60mph. Load evenly and carefully. If you're carrying lots of heavy items, position the heavies forward in the boot and distribute the weight evenly side to side. Cars don't have unlimited carrying capacity, so don't overload! It'll also help your fuel go further. FURRY FAMILY Protect your furry family members. Never leave your dog alone in a car. At 74F/22C the inside of a parked car can soar to 117F/47C very quickly. Leaving a window open in a stationary car won't keep your car cold enough! water QUICK LIST FOR BREAKDOWNS Jump Leads. Spare bottles of water. A torch. Charged mobile phone and an in-car charger. Basic car tool kit. Car Manual. HAPPY HOLIDAYS & DRIVE SAFE Trade ONORTON For Motor Trade Insurance Call Tradesure on: 0845 330 0770 Or Visit: Tradesure Insurance has been at the forefront of the insurance market since the company was established in 1965. During this time the company has seen many changes both internally and externally while adapting to the ever changing demands of the business world, but one factor has remained constant since the beginning, Tradesure provides experienced and expert insurance advice. Tradesure from Nortonlnsurance EWENTY

Holiday Driving Tips

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A break down far from home can really put a downer on your holiday. Make sure you keep going this summer by following these helpful hints from Tradesure!




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