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History of Minicabs & Transportation In London - Infographics

HISTORY OF• MINICABS & TRANSPORT IN LONDON By ATLAS CARS C F LOND ON IIII IIII 曲 1500s PRIVATE COACHES Private Coaches were brought into service to serve the elite of the society. 曲 1634 FIRST FLEET The first coach-stand was estab- lished in order to address the increasing congestion of hackney hell carts. 曲 1903 PETROL CABS London embraced petrol run cabs more than 100 years ago. OIL 曲 1947 PRIVATE COACHES The famous black cabs already existed. However it was decided that all Black Cabs must have only black colour, making it easier for passengers to differentiate them from ordinary cabs. 曲 1960 MINICABS Minicabs were introduced in 1960s to offer passengers an alternate option to the Black Cabs, expen- sive for most of the passengers. ECO DRIVE 曲 2006 HYBRID DRIVE Before that there was no visible action taken by the cab industry to help reduce pollution in London. This was the first step by the mini- cab industry of London to promote green and environment friendlie cabs. 曲 2010 TRAVEL STATS Travel Statistics of London as of 2010 Rail Walk Underground /DLR Cycle 2010 Bus (including tram) Motor Cycle Taxi/ PHV Car Passenger Car Driver Till 2010 most number of people in London travelled by car, way more than all commuters combined using other transport methods (Walk / Bus or Coach / Bicycle / National Rail / Motorcycle / Taxi / Car Passenger / Underground DRL). However, London is the most diversified in terms of reliance by passengers on other modes of transport, where people often travel through other means than a car. Average commute for work has increased from 8.2 miles to 8.6 miles from1995 to 2009 8.7 8.6 8.5 8.4 8.3 8.2 8.1 8 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 50% Commute Time increased by 12 Travel Time in 1995 Travel Time in 2010 -> Future DRIVERLESS CARS Driverless cars are already been tested as part of the new technology initiative. A lot of cab companies are already planning to use driverless cars to provide minicab services to their customers via smartphone applications. In order to prove that new transport options meet the challenges of an ever expanding metropolitan sprawl like London, they have to be environment friendly, reduce congestion, positively help decrease carbon dioxide levels and assist com- muters reach their destination in less time. TRAVEL FAST AND AFFORDABLE New technologies will enable scientists to provide environment friendlier transport options to people. The technologists are working in all directions to improve accessi- bility to individual and public transport facilities. Travel faster than 600mph Outpace current high-speed rail systems HYPERLOOP High-speed Hyperloop system would allow passengers to zoom in pods through systems of tubes at speeds of at least 600 miles per hour, which would easily outpace current high-speed rail systems. ATLAS CARS Or LONDON 020 7736 5555 © Copyright All rights reserved

History of Minicabs & Transportation In London - Infographics

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This infographics explains the evolution of the transportation history of London from carts to the electric cars. How the minicabs industry has contributed towards benefiting the travellers and making...





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