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The History and Evolution of the Infiniti G

G Evolution JOIN US AS WE TAKE A HYPOTHETICAL JOURNEY THROUGH AG OWNER'S LIFE AND EXPLORE THE HISTORY OF THIS UNIQUE LUXURY SPORTS CAR. First Generation ▼ A vehicle thať's grown up with you. (1990-1996) When you started a career... In 1991, you were likely... • Enjoying iconic Seinfeld episodes like the legendary Parking Garage episode that aired in '91 » Staying on top of news about George Bush senior's ordered attack on Iraq . . • Making jokes about radio shock jock Howard Stern kissing New York Giant Leonard Marshall's derriere over a lost bet In 1990, Infiniti combined design cues from the European Nissan Primera and mechanical elements from the American Nissan Sentra to form the G20. Its tagline was "Born in Japan. Educated in Europe." An SR20DE in- line 4-cylinder delivered impressive specs for the time: 140 hp and 30 mpg. Luxury amenities included power windows and door locks, leather seats and cruise control, standards you can get on many vehicles today. The G20 was designed to appeal to a new generation of young affluent consumers who were interested in en- try-level luxury cars with a performance edge. Previously, luxury cars were defined by their large size, classy looks and lavish features, but to attract a younger crowd, automakers started producing luxury vehicles that were smaller in size, more fuel efficient, less expensive and sport-tuned. MSRP started at $19,100. Second Generation ▼ (1998-2002) When you started a family... ..... .. In 1999, you were likely. » In shock about pro wrestler Jesse Ventura winning the Minnesota governorship • Enjoying the Chemical Brothers second chart-topping album 'Surrender' • Throwing around your esoteric knowledge: “Hey, did you know that the 6 billionth human being in the world was born this year on October 12th?" After a brief hiatus, the G20 returned in 1998 with updated styl- ing, a new multi-link rear suspension and the same winning engine. Many “luxury" amenities still weren't standard yet, but were offered as options, including automatic climate control, a Bose sound system, sunroof and heated seats. By now, many of the G20's original buyers were expected to have or be starting families. Infiniti continued to successfully market to young, price-conscious buyers between the ages of 25 to 35 who desired luxury, while also fulfilling the needs of those who didn't want to drain their unborn child's college fund for a car. MSRP started at $21,490. Third Generation (2002-2007) When you took over the company... In 2004,you were likely. » Reeling from Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl • Saddened by the conclusion of long-run- ning sitcom Friends CENSORED 2002 introduced the "modern G Line." The G20 was replaced with the 2003 G35 sport sedan and coupe. They were bigger, featured rear-wheel drive and packed 260 hp into a 3.5-liter V6. Luxury amenities like an in-dash 6-CD changer, keyless entry, steer- ing-wheel audio controls and a navigation system placed it firmly in the realm of luxury sedans. CAR-ORIVER best As the Infiniti G grew up into the G35, so did the American consumer. An older demographic of active, young-at-heart car shoppers in the 30 to 40+ age range now flocked to the G Series. These individuals also proved that they had the acumen to comparison shop and they were “not neces- sarily slaves to one particular brand." 2003 MOTORTREND MSRP for the G35 Sedan started at $27,100. Car of The Year Fourth Generation ▼ ++++ .... ...+ . (2006-Present). When you retire early... In 2012,you were likely... »Watching as Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian of all time • Happy to see silent film 'The Artist' win five Academy Awards I only had enough room to Ha! That'll freak somebody cut someday. go up to 2012, » Planning a last day of the Mayan calendar party, because hey, everyone else was doing it and you'd use any excuse to ¡par-TAY! The current generation of the G said farewell to the G35 after 2008 and hello to a new G37 coupe. A 328-hp V6 equipped G37 sedan joined the family in 2009 (Infiniti's best-selling sedan ever), followed by several souped-up IPL G (Infiniti Performance Line) models in late 2010. Another addition to the lineup was the G25, which debuted in 2011 and will be discontinued after 2012. Being older doesn't mean that you have to settle down in a practicalvehicle with lackluster performance. In the last public study published about the G Coupe's buyer profile, statistics revealed that the median age of its drivers was 47, while those under 45 with no kids made up only 39.5% of buyers MSRP for the G37 Sedan started at $33,100. Sources:, the Official Media Newsroom of Infiniti;;; Wikipedia;;;;; infinitiofscottsdale. 7601 E. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. Scottsdale, AZ 85206 • • Call 888-845-4585 INFINITI.

The History and Evolution of the Infiniti G

shared by BrandonCecil on Jan 03
Take a look at this cool Infiniti infographic featuring the evolution of the Infiniti G20 over the course of its 22 years on the market to the G37 we know today. We juxtaposed the Infiniti G's history...


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